Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Road to Ironman: Swim Stroke Correction

I am very lucky to have a colleague who is Penang ex-state swimmer and is kind enough to spend time to correct my freestyle stroke.

Here are the key points:

1. I have to streamline my body
2. Reduce the stroke count to 45 and below for 50m.
3. When entering the water, lead with elbow instead of palm.
4. When pulling the water, rotate and propel with the hip and streamline the movement.
5. My right hand tends to pull outward, do more drills of finger touching in the middle to keep the hand pulling in the right direction.
6. Keep my head still to avoid excessive movement, which will result in energy wastage.
7. Kick and propel with my legs on every pull.
8. I should do a full training with him instead of just coaching!

Swimming is so different from cycling and running. Every incorrect posture or movement adds to the drag and energy wastage.

I have set a target of 2min/100m for 3.8km. I am at 2:20min/100m in the pool now. I'll have a better estimation for my race pace in Penang International Triathlon (Olympic Distance) happening this Sunday.

Let's work hard for it!

Here's a picture of my swim coach + trainer :)


anson said...

wats the difference between Triathlon and Ironmen?

Kae Vin Goh said...

Ironman is a triathlon race that has a swim leg of 3.8km, bike leg of 180km and run leg of 42km.

A triathlon refers to any event that consists of swim, bike and run.

To be specific, the triathlon happening in Penang this week is an Olympic distance triathlon, which is 1.5km - 40km - 10km.

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