Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Road to Ironman: Prelude

I have decided to resume writing and document the journey that I embarked on.

Perhaps it will serve as a memory refresher in the future. I will also write things that I have learnt and done throughout this 7 month journey. When someone ask me how did I do it in the future, I can point them to my blog and say, hey, here's how I did it.

The registration
There might be a thousand reasons of why did I want to do it. Why does someone like me, at his late twenties. choose to participate in such a grueling and torturous activity. 

Because I want to. 

Because running, swimming and cycling make me feel alive.

Because I get to relive moments of freedom and excitement that I felt as a child.

Because I used to think that I am going to be great and become an Ironman, seems to be great 

Because it brings me on an adventure that I always wanted to take when I was a kid.

Because I believe it will lead to a lot more adventures in life.

Ironman Malaysia is exactly 7 months from today and I can't wait.

Meanwhile, happy swim bike run to me! :)