Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Road to Ironman: Penang International Triathlon PGiTD #5

There's this saying that goes like this - It takes a village to raise a child. I guess it takes a village to train a triathlete as well. 😂 Barely one and half year ago, I bought my first road bike and participated in my first sprint triathlon and to my pleasant surprise, I emerged as the Men's Open Chamption

I can never express enough gratitude to everyone who helped me along the way and here are the few people that I would like to shout out to.
Hou Sheng thanks for selling me your road bike and brought me along for your training and introduced me to this crazy sports. It was you who hooked me up with triathlon!
Lim Yew San my ever patient swimming coach. Thanks for spending time with me in the pool (and outside the pool!). Without your coaching I could never improve my swimming. Now I'm waiting for you to train me 😋:
Gary Yap the generous CCI cycling shop boss! Thanks for working magic and fixing my bike and replacing my detonated tyre! Your bike fitting really helps me to be more efficient in cycling and running! Guys please check out CCI Cyclon Cycle Ind Sdn Bhd if you are looking for a bike or a bike fit or just opinions in cycling.
Heah Chin Hong the cari captain and the cari running gang! You guys makes running LSD fun and less dreading. Without you guys I wouldn't have gone for the crazy mileage.
Liang Sheng Wei and Melvin Lee my cycling buddies! It feels really great to have my own cycling buddies nearby and all the positivity oozing from you guys is making me wanna work harder and go faster!
Next, captain Julius Lim and AM.i.3 Triathlon Club! You guys sure add a lot more fun to doing triathlons! Just look at all the ladyboys cheerleader today! It's great to be in a fun triathlon club for sure.
And thank God for keeping me safe and away from jellyfish and my tyres inflated throughout the race 😇:)
I'm truly humbled in the race today, seeing so many strong athletes racing alongside with me. There is for sure a lot of room for improvement for me and I'll have to strive harder!

Excitement aside, let's analyse the race.Here are the plus points.
👍 I did achieve my goal of shaving 9~10 minutes off my time last year. I shaved 2 minutes off the swim leg and 6 minutes off T1 (probably due to the shorter distance) and 1 minute off my second run. The bike leg was 30 seconds longer. It's probably due to the fact that I did not meet a fast cyclist for me to draft on. But overall I think I did well on the bike leg.

👍 Fly mounting and dismounting was successfully being pulled off.

👍 Nutrition is being carried out properly.

Now here's the minus points

👎 I did a way too hardcore duathlon training one week before the competition. Recovery was not good and I couldn't push myself

👎 Hydration plan failed. I almost had cramps after the bike leg as I was pretty dehydrated. My strategy of filling up one bottle with 100plus and ORS salt was not a good idea as I'll need a higher water vs electrolyte ratio.

Anyway, I am contented with the race results and getting the first prize in my age group. I should not be too carried away by the prize as Penang and Port Dickson are both organizing Olympic distance triathlon on the same day and most of the good triathletes under 30 went to Port Dickson. 

All in all, it was a good race and I am happy to be a podium finisher! 😊


anson said...

most of the good triathletes under 30 went to Port Dickson.

prove urself by competing with them again la..

Kae Vin Goh said...

lol those are national level triathletes. And i need to work on my swimming before I can compete lol

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