Monday, December 26, 2016


My blogging cadence has been reduced to twice a year. Not entirely sure if that is a good thing or bad thing? Anyone still reading this (this....this.....this....*echo*)?

I had a post earlier this year, iterating on things that I have done/achieved in year 2015. I figure I would be writing about 2016 as well, in a different manner.

2016 has been a rocky yet fruitful year as well. A lot of things have happened and a lot of realization. If I were to use an adjective to describe my 2016, it would be 'unapologetic'.

Not a very common word to describe a year, huh?

2016 is year that I realize that I have carried too heavy of a baggage for the past 25 years (Well I started to have memories of things starting at an age of 3). I did not do too many things that I would want to because of various reasons but mostly because I was in fear. I was in fear that if I were to do this, people would not like it and people would judge. Simply put, I have been a people-pleaser and that stopped me from doing a lot of things.

When I stop being a people pleaser, I realize that I achieve a great many things.
How about getting the first place in a half-Ironman race?

I used to be so afraid of being called vain that I did not pay attention to how I look and how my body look and I don't give a rat ass now. I have the rights to decide how I should look.

There are many more examples but I am not gonna go through all of them. Just gonna keep this post short and sweet.

2016 is a great year. It's a year of self-discovery, self-actualization and self-improvement.

I know it sounded selfish but I am unapologetic. 


anson said...

yes i do

Kae Vin Goh said...

Haha thanks for being the blog's number one fan!