Sunday, January 03, 2016


Another year whizzed away like a breeze and a new year made a silence but elegant entrance.

Like any other year, I had my moments of laughter, tears, lessons, mistakes, achievements and changes. I went to places, met people and made things happened.

In retrospect, things went better than I thought. In a way, I managed to strike off all my new year resolutions of 2015. Here are the highlights.

I traveled to places

I hiked a mountain in a foreign land

I got my diving license

I participated in a triathlon for the very first time (and accidentally won a prize! :P) 

I bid farewell to National Instruments which I have worked for 4 years and 11 months.

I did a PB for half marathon

I have gained new friends and lost some old ones. I regretted some mistakes that cost me some friendship. I have learnt and grown. I have grasped some understanding about myself and about others that I have not known before. I have stumbled and fallen and I picked myself up again. I have taken risks and it paid off. I have seen aspects and facets of life that I have never experienced before. I have become more conscious and mindful about things, people and surroundings.

All in all, two thousand fifteen was a good year and I wish the better for two thousand sixteen.

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