Tuesday, July 30, 2013


A man was waving a stick frantically on the side of a busy road. Cars and bikes rushed by without giving him any heed. He waved and waved relentlessly, hoping that a car would stop for him to cross the road. 

I was in a car, sitting at the passenger's seat and my heart was shattered when I passed him by and took a closer look at him.

He was a visually impaired man.

There was a voice, telling me to get out of the car and helped him to cross the road. But I silenced it. I was apathy and I looked into the side mirror and he was still waving, hoping someone would stop. I looked at him until I couldn't see him anymore.

I soothed myself by thinking that someone would stop and someone would help him to cross the road. I comforted myself by thinking that I was not driving and it would be inappropriate to ask the driver to stop for me to go down and help the man to cross.  I defended my own indifference by thinking that the man would be able to handle the situation.

I proceeded with my daily life. I continued to complaint about the most minute thing. I put up a poker face. I was cynical to people. I didn't give a damn. I turned a blind eye to the suffering of people around me.

But I was convicted by my own conscience. The visual of the man waving a stick frantically on the side of a busy road haunted me. I was guilty of making the already cruel world a crueler place.

I told myself that I would forget it in no time.

But when I got into the car and looked into the side mirror, I saw a man waving a stick frantically, on the side of the busy road.

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