Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Pinnacles

When I came back from Mulu, I was dumbstruck when I found out that the memory card that held fourteen hundred pictures was nowhere to be found.

I called the hostel that I stayed in before I flew back and thankfully he found it in the room. He was kind enough to courier it back to me.

Mulu National Park was a truly magical place. I never thought the 2.4km hike to the pinnacles would take up to 3 hours (and that was supposed to be considered fast). However, the going down part was the most torturous.

Nonetheless, the view of the Pinnacles was truly rewarding

Mulu, Sarawak is also one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. The other two being Kota Kinabalu Park and Georgetown/Malacca.


anson said...

as high as mount KK??
it really looks awesome!!!

kaevin goh said...


Of course not as high as KK or else I wouldn't survive with singlets and shorts! It was only around 1400m from sea level. KK is 4400++m.

Yes. The view was nice!

Jiaxian said...

Hey friend, I am planning to go Miri in August. Would you mind share me some idea of the overall spending, accommodation and food in Mulu National Park. =) Thanks alot.

kaevin goh said...

How was your miri trip? :)