Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Long Weekend Getaway

Thanks to Thaipusam and Prophet Muhammad's Birhtday, the weekend is long enough to do almost anything.

So I decided to build up some stamina and Penang Hill sounded good.

Hiked to Penang Hill via the Air Itam trail. Passed by this abandoned building known as Mon Sejour.

I met an old British couple residing in Australia for the past 20 years on my way up. They traveled all the way to Southeast Asian on a sail boat and they live in it. The next trip will be Nepal and Penang is their training ground for the 21 day Annapurna Trail in Nepal. Aspiring story.

Made a detour to Monkey Cup, a new garden specialised in monkey cups that was opened on top of Penang Hill just 2 months ago.

Adorable plant.

and I made a new friend too :)

Hello scorpie!

and here's some super awesome view of Penang island and mainland. :)

As if I didn't get enough sunburn for hiking Penang hill, I decided to hike to Pantai Keracut the next day and I did an one night camping there. For the first time, I managed to catch the sunset at this beautiful beach.

Sunset at Keracut.

and honestly, I had no idea that monkeys eat fish, raw.


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Real scorpion?

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Kaybe, yeah. :)