Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fujio F.Fujiko Museum and Studio Ghibli

Fujiko Museum was opened in September 2011 to commemorate late Fujio F.Fujiko. the author of Doraemon in Kawasaki City.

I think Asian kids born in the seventies and eighties practically grew up watching or reading the Doraemon manga. If you do not know what Doraemon is, it is a cat robot in blue with no ears that came to nerdy Nobita's rescue, popping out from the drawer in his room.

Kawasaki city where Nobita and Doraemon lives.

I grew up a Doraemon fan, which greatly contributes my obsession for robots and technology and engineering and perhaps, to put it in another word, make me an engineer.

In case you do not have an idea of how Doraemon look like. By the way, Doraemon is the one on the left.

Also, the manga is heavily themed with the appreciation of friendship and the love for environment.

That pretty much describes me. lol.

Therefore I made a point to visit the museum when I was in Tokyo because it kind of translated to revisiting my childhood.

The Fujiko Museum from the outside.

Studio Ghibli to Japanese, is the equivalent of Disney to American, just less commercialised. The director, Hayao Miyazaki has produced a lot of animations that touches people's hearts.

The movies are usually themed with environmentalism, animism, humanitarians and the protagonist is usually born with an adventurous spirit.

A corner of Ghibli Museum.

Studio Ghibli Museum is located in Mitaka, a suburb approximately 18km away from Tokyo city centre.

A huge real size statue for the Robot Solider in the movie, Laputa/Castle in the Sky.

The dome shaped cage that houses the staircase to the balcony that the statue stands.

I can't help but to think that if all children grow up watching Doraemon and Hayao Miyazaki's movies, the world would be a better place, wouldn't it? :)


anson said...

that photo of Doraemon would be best if without "someone" inside~ :p

[I Live For This] said...

cool.. it must be another experiece for u since u r an extreme lover. wahaha

Anonymous said...

May I ask how did you get the tickets for both of the museums? Did you buy it when you reach Japan or is there any way we can buy it from outside of Japan? I'll be going to Japan and would love to pay a visit to these museums :D

kae vin said...

Hi Anonymous,

The tickets were bought by my Japanese friend before I went there in Lawson. For Ghibli studio, you could purchase the tickets from outside the country (also depending on which country do you come from)

For Fujio F Fujiko, I think you need to get someone to buy it for you in Japan.

Hope this piece of information helps.

Niza Zainal said...

Hi Kaevin,
Like you I too love studio ghibli! Wish that I could visit it one day. I love all the movies especially Tottoro and Spirited Away, although I hope I had never watch the Grave of fireflies. I've never watch any cartoon that made me cry so bad!

kaevin goh said...

Hi Niza,

Yeah. My favourite would be Laputa - Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke. Oh ya, the Grave of fireflies is really really sad. :\

Yes u should visit the museum. It is small but definitely a good visit for Hayao Miyazaki lover