Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leap of Faith

How many people have an active seven year old blog?

I wish for the years to come, I will still maintain the passion for writing though I will have less time and less energy and less brain juice.

I know that I have stopped blogging for a while, if you ever notice. That was because I realized that my recent blog posts were just forced poo after a long constipation - dry and hard. They sounded like travelogues that I wouldn't even read.

Perhaps, I am experiencing the changes and adjustment of priorities in life which occur to everyone when they enter a new stage of life. After working for more than one year, naturally I will have to adapt.

I certainly want to define a new direction and a new style of maintaining my blog. This post would be a marking stone that I shall begin with, though I am clueless about what is going to be written, yet. :)

Let's hope that this new perspective of life would be guide me to overcome the fear and make a big leap.

Like this.

1 comment:

anson said...

many of us tried this!
leap of faith, in outbac broga...