Friday, October 21, 2011

Savoury Sakuraland

Warning: This post contains explicit imagery that will trigger excessive gastric acid emission and indirectly cause obesity.

Often, one of the fun and interesting portion of traveling is to eat. It's always easier to understand the local culture better with all your senses, including taste bud, isn't it? :)

Basically, there are a few types of restaurant in Japan. The most popular one would be small chain restaurant where people usually grab a quick meal.

A mega huge metropolitan like Tokyo doesn't have the patience to have somebody serving or asking you what to eat when all you want is just to grab a quick meal. Therefore, vending machine is introduced to substitute human.

Basically, what you do is to read the menu at the glass wall right at the entrance of the restaurant and decide on what you are eating.

Then, you go into the restaurant, find the vending machine with the speed of lightning and insert your bills or coins and press on the button of the food you want to eat.

Fortunately I can still read kanji or else I would never know what I am eating. lol


Japanese Curry Rice

Usually, in this kind of restaurant, people eat really fast and leave immediately after they gallop the food. A average Japanese salaryman takes half of the time that I finish my meal to finish his.

Apart from this kind of grab and go restaurant, there are also restaurant that you can sit down and chill with your friends.


Ippudo is one of the famous ramen chain in Japan. This one is located in Chiba prefecture.

The ramen is really springy and the broth definitely satisfy your umami craving. The broth is actually an essence of boiling meat and bones for a long period. There is a grinder and a bowl of fresh garlic on the table where you can grind some garlic into your ramen.

Yumm. Hakata Ramen!

Cozy environment for you to sit down and chillax.

If you ever go to Tokyo, please do not miss visiting Tsukiji Fish market, which I will cover in another post. There is this stall that sells Tamago Yaki right in the open market next to the fish market. Every Saturday, you can sign up and make a tamago yaki and take it home for free. They will even take a picture of you and print it for you on the spot. How nice~ :)

Tamago Yaki Apprentice

Basically just Sweetened Egg Rolls.

There are a lot of stalls in the open market that offer free food samples on Saturday morning. Therefore we ate almost everything from beef to sashimi to fresh octopus to barbecued pork and that was our lunch for the day lol.

Anyhow, being a budget traveler, sometimes we had to cut down a little on food and guess what, this was the cheapest food I had in Japan which was Soba in clear soup for 100yen. Ok it tasted just like noodle in salt water. XD

Takoyaki. Sometimes, when we were on the go and didn't have much time to sit down for lunch, we would just go into the convenience and grab something from the shelf and heat it with the microwave provided. Anyway, one of the observation that I had was Japanese does not eat while walking. I guess that is considered rude in their culture and I did that all the time, inviting glances from people around me. hahah XD

Kimuchi Gyu Don. Kimuchi = Kimchi.

Gyudon with Tamago. Deliciousss :)

Contrary to popular belief that Japanese eat sushi everyday, they usually don't. For them, sushi is considered something to be more of class. Therefore, to go in a sushi bar, you have to wait to be seated. It was not polite to just walk in and sit down.

Sushi Bar.

As I was eager to try everything, instead of taking sushi plates from the conveyor belt (which would cost me a bomb!), I ordered a plate of sushi platter with all kind of different salmon, prawn, salmon roe and scallop. The freshest sushi I have ever had. :)

I always wonder how dorayaki tastes like when I was reading Doraemon as a kid and why Doraemon was so fascinated by it. So I bought some and tasted them for myself :)

If a group of Japanese want to hang out after work and drink, izakaya will be the place to go. The unspoken rules in an izakaya is that you have to order an alcoholic drink first before you start ordering food or something else.

Suntory beer. Light and chilly.

One interesting thing is that Malaysia is on the map lol. I guess our twin towers made it to Japan. lol

Ocyadsuke is a dish where the tea is poured into the rice. The fragrance of the tea somewhat enhance the taste of the very ordinary rice.

Gravy being poured into fried rice.

Toriyaki. Skewered Chicken :)

Finger food to go together with beer

Cocktail Hong Kong and Tokyo. Anyone wanna take a guess on how they make the drink glow? :)

Ended up we started being friendly to the girls next table and they asked us where are we from. When we answered Malaysia, one of the girls said, "I know there's a phrase you guys use - Mareshia Boleh!"

Looks like our motto made all the way to Tokyo too. lol

Onigiri = Japanese Sandwich. Basically it's rice wrapped with seaweed and the fillings can be very creative. It's my favourite snacks when I was traveling in Tokyo as it was easily available in all the convenience shops.

Last but not least, Japanese MOS Burger! This is a prawn burger and they offer all kind of seafood burger. nom nom nom.....

With this, I conclude my food trail in Tokyo. Frankly, the Japanese food is very healthy and that explains why there are hardly fat people in Japan, not to mention obesity. They put a lot of emphasis on the freshness of the food therefore the seafood are amazingly fresh.

In a nutshell, I still think Malaysian food rocks! :)


calvin said...

Ahaha, what a line to end the post (^.^;

And by the way, how come my home-cooked udon is not featured one? T_T

anson said...

they hang something outside the glass? something like 荧光棒?

Shirley said...

Fuyoh!!! I am drooling just by seeing your pictures! Yes, their food is amazingly awesome. Being in Tokyo and nauseated (expecting ma), I still could take the Sakuraland's food but not when in Taipei. Strange yeah!

kae vin said...


lol yeah. Sorry la the udon got a malaysian touch in it.


it's inside :) they got fake plastic ice with led inside. XD


hahah. i am guess Austin would grow up and become a sushi lover. :D