Thursday, September 08, 2011

Kelantan Camping Trip

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5am in the morning, we took the train from Tanah Merah to go to Dabong.

First in the list, caving! As there were a few caves in the Jelawang Jungle that were interesting, we decided to go back in time and experience the life of a caveman.

The van and the guide picked us up and dropped us at Gua Ikan (Fish Cave) area. We then walked across the road and started to stride into bushes.

Entrance of Gua Gelap, which literally means the Dark Cave.

After tunneling in the dark cave, we came to a point where the guide asked us to switch off out light and enjoy the darkness. It was eerily dark and silent in the cave. All we could hear were our own breathing and we could see absolutely nothing as it was pit black! I tried to wave in front of my own eyes and to no avail, I could see nothing.

Besides that, there were times when the cave tunnel got smaller and smaller and all it left was a fissure for us to squeeze through. I had to stop breathing for a moment to allow my chest to pass through.

Can't imagine how small the cleft was? See this

Definitely not recommended for people with claustrophobia.

The UFO light effect. Not quite a success as I didn't bring my tripod in. It would be nicer if I did :\

Cave Phallus XD

I guess at the end of the day, we entered enlightenment. :)

We saw the Light!

We then proceeded to the Gunung State Park which housed the biggest waterfall in Southeast Asia. We were going to hike and camp on top of the waterfall.


Our camp was right on the top of the waterfall, to the right.

The ascent to the campsite was challenging as we were carrying our own food supply, water, tent, fire supply and clothing. The slope was steep and the trail was muddy and slippery. On top of that, it rained quite heavily 30 minutes before we reached our campsite. It took us roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Baha's Campsite.

Bahas Campsite.

After the rain stopped, we set up our tent and fire to dry our clothes. When the water in the waterfall descended, we walked to the edge of the waterfall and the view that it offered was magnificent!

The place where we spent the night.

Well, after the skies turned dark, we got into our tent and started to doze off while talking as we were exhausted.

*Fast forwarding with Snores*

After a good night sleep, we were welcomed by this beautiful sunrise.

Good morning Kelantan!!!

We then proceeded to hike to the peak of the mountain. It was a 3 hours torturing hike and to our disappointment, there wasn't any view that the peak could offer. The only thing that was fun up there was squirrels-feeding.

Peanut butter. Yum!

On the peak of Gunung Stong. There were a few other peaks that were higher, namely Gunung Ayam and Gunung Korbu.

We descended the mountain and showered in the waterfall on our way back. We then went down the hill and caught the train back to civilization.

I hadn't been so fun for quite a while. To be able to embrace nature in such close proximity was really revitalizing. I have been living in the man-made world for too long and I think this camping trip came in just in a perfect timing. On the other hand, I am just glad that I am living in Malaysia as there were so many things it could offer.

Had Nasi Dagang before heading back to Penang. yum.

So yay, I drove Gerik Highway and I peaked Gunung Stong!



Niel said...

the waterfall is damn straight dude!

anson said...

young guys like u can do all these~ :p

Shirley said...

Envy! Really envy! Only if I were younger haha..will join you guys :)

kae vin said...


Yeah it was really cool! Too bad the weather wasn't too good so we didn't get to play with the water


I not much younger than u only! :P


hahahah. Next time ask Austin bring you there! :P

Niza Zainal said...

Hi Kaevin, nice shots! :)

kae vin said...

Hi Niza,

Thanks! :D