Sunday, July 03, 2011

Chew Jetty

Just realized that my blog has been idle for three freaking weeks. I guess that simply means that i'm getting more used to my job and there are always company sponsored after work activities like Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton and Futsal. I think I fulfilled the 8 hours per week exercise quota.

Anyway, this is a lazy post with a lot of pictures and lesser words. It was the photo shoot-out of Photography Kaki Club in my company. We went to Chew Jetty located in Georgetown before dawn to catch the sunrise. Enjoy the photo and please vote for your favourite shot!

Dawn of the Jetty

Side by side we saw the sunrise.

Livelihood of a Breadwinner

Serene Orange

Boat and Sampan

Egg Yolk and Boat on Yoke

Religious Light

Photographer in Action

Home and Office

I freeze time.

Home on the Sea


These were the active members of the photography club. :) and all the above photo were taken by yours truly. :)

Chew Jetty is one of the reasons why Penang obtained its Unesco World Heritage Status in 2008. Chew Jetty is a labyrinth of wooden houses built on stilts on the shores of Georgetown. It is known as Chew Jetty because the early settlers in Penang from China who bore the surname 'Chew' stayed together and formed a clan of its own. Therefore people who live in Chew Jetty mostly have Chew as their last names. For more information you can go to

It so happened that one of us who went there bears the surname Chew and in fact, he grew up in Chew Jetty and still has relatives living there. So we got a special tour inside the wooden house. Walking in the house, it reminded me of the old wooden house that I lived in when I was a kid.

So which one is your favourite photo?


calvin said...

Can I say none of the photos in this entry favours me? :P

kae vin said...

Sorry lo. Not up to standard yet ma

calvin said...

Who ask you so lazy? xD

ooi2009 said...

oh my god , u are so cool and handsome , im hoping i can be like u !