Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Food Court Scam

My friend, R and I were attending a dinner gathering in a restaurant in Tanjung Tokong. We wanted to park our car in the restaurant only to find out that the carpark was full. Naturally, we continued driving and parked our car in a food court nearby.

我和R到tanjung tokong的一间餐厅赴约。因为餐厅的停车位爆满,我们就很自然地开车到附近的一个小贩中心的停车场,把车泊好然后走路到餐厅去吃。

After the gathering, we walked back to get our car and when I was about to drive away, there was this old man knocking my side window. Thinking that he wanted to collect parking fee, I winded the window down but he signaled me to come out of the car. I thought something was wrong with my car so I went down from the back of the wheels.


"You didn't patronise our food court did you?" he said with hostility. "You have to pay me 50 bucks or I'll chain your car." he said in Hokkien.

“你没有在这里吃东西hor?” 语气中充满累积了他一世人的怨气与敌意。“给我五十块不然我就锁你的车” 他用典型的槟城福建话。

My very first response was apologetic.


"Uncle, I am sorry. I didn't know that. Let me go to the food court to eat now." I said.


"No way. You cannot do that. Once you park here and walk out to eat, you HAVE TO PAY 50 BUCKS! The banners already stated this and they were everywhere!" the tone raised.


The banners were hung at a dark corner and come on, who the heck would pay attention to banners? My blood started to boil but I held it down.


"Let's do this nicely. I didn't intend to do that because I didn't see the banner. It was dark and it was my first time here. I'll go inside and eat." I tried to calm my voice.


"Ya uncle. We will eat inside. Uncle please don't lock our car..." Without me realising R stepped out from the car. She pleaded with a voice that could melt all men's hearts.

“是咯uncle,我们进去吃。Uncle你不要锁我的车啦.....” 不懂什么时候R跑下车。她用一种全世界男人都会溶掉的声音对uncle说。

But it seemed like the uncle wasn't buying that at all because he yelled.


"No freaking way!!!!!!!! If you were against the law and you said that to a policeman you think he would let you go without giving you a summon?" he spoke as if he were the Chief Minister of Penang.

“北赛!!!!!!!!如果你犯法料你对警察这样说你觉得他会让你走嚒??” 眉宇之中竟然有林冠英的架势

"But you are NOT policeman and I didn't do anything against the law!" I protested, knowing that he would not buy it.

“但是你又不是警察,而且我什么都没有做错?” 虽然我知道他幻想自己是警察可能有一段时间了,我依然抗议。

"Chain the car up!" He shouted.

“锁车!!!” 他中气十足。

A few foreign men with chains and locks started to chain my car in a very skilled mannner. Within seconds, my car were chained up and the adrenaline was rushing in my guts. As someone who just stepped out from college, life wasn't easy at all. In a country with an insane skyrocketing inflation, paying RM50 for parking wasn't something that I could wave off just like that. No I wasn't born with silver spoon in my mouth. I fixed my mind to not pay him and at the same time figuring what I could do.


At this very moment, the chaining action freaked R out and she quickly forked out RM50 to the old man and asked him to unlock the car. I was not in time to stop her and seeing the contented face of the old man tipped the limit of my boiling point.


If I were a gangster or whatnot, I would have taken out my phone and started calling people but unfortunately I was not one. Then something crossed my mind - I had a CAMERA in the car and Facebook and the computer were my best weapon. So I splinted into the car and took my camera and ran in front of the old man and snapped a close-up of him!


Then I ran, with the speed of light, back to my car and ignited the engine only to find out that R was still not in the car. In the meantime, the old man and his gang started calling for backup and there were more people flocked and surrounded my car. They blocked the door when I was trying to close the door of my car and opened it from both sides and tried to grab my car key and camera.


Just imagine this, at the back of the wheels, I was holding my camera with my left hand and grabbing my car key in the keyholder with my right hand. A man in red tried to snatch my camera from the left side door and another tried to grab my car key from my right. R ran inside the car and started to help me to push the man away from me and the guy from the right succeed in grabbing my car key because the key chain broke. A few of them pulled me halfway out from the car and I yelled on the top of my lung for help, hoping to get some attention.


I saw some bystanders started to flock towards my car but I could also see more of their gang were surrounding my car and R were shouting.


"Stop messing with them! They outnumbered us! They outnumbered us!"


I looked around and I knew I was in a very bad situation. The bandits were surrounding my car and I had a girl with me. In this flight or fight situation, I didn't want to risk our safety so I had no choice but to choose flight.


"I will delete the photo! I will delete the photo!" I shouted.

“我把照片洗掉!我把照片洗掉” 我喊到。

So I took out the camera and delete the photo I took earlier on. But they demanded me to delete all the pictures. So I formated my camera's memory card in front of them. They gave me back my car key and I quickly drove away. To make sure that nobody was following me, I made a few detours before I went home.


You think the story ends here? No freaking way. A tech savvy would know that nothing is not recoverable digitally or else Edison Chen wouldn't be involved in a sex scandal like this. The first thing I got home was to recover the picture I took.

以为故事就酱完料?笑话。只要是电脑达人都知道,数码世界里,没有什么是不能找回的。不然陈冠希就不会酱红鸟(pun unintended haha)啦!回家第一时就是帮我相机急救。

See this guy for your own (ok I know it was mosaic-ed)! See the accomplice behind? He was holding the chain like some sadist. Don't fall into a scam like this again because I believe there are a lot more other victims. I urge all Penangites to unite and boycott this food court because they were acting as if they were above the law! As a Malaysian, we have the guts to say no to injustice and mistreatment. Our country can only move on if we are civic-minded enough.


‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ -Martin Porter

“好人不出声,邪恶满天下” - 马丁伯克 (不好意思我自己的烂翻译)

We want a better Penang and we don't want people who abuse and destroy the future and reputation that we are trying to build for our homeland!


Say no to Tanjung Tokong food court!

ps-> photo was mosaic-ed as not to infringe on the portraiture right.

By the way, if I were to be assasinated, you'll know who to look for. XD

Links to location: https://foursquare.com/venue/3473761

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Niel said...

show his face man.

horrible experience. good thing you're ok, and your friend too.

the authorities should know bout this.

Cheong Ket Vin said...

Bro, do take further action by reporting this case to police/消费人仲裁庭/food court authority/legal or even politician.

This is robbery.

KAybE cHaNG said...


Love Diary 8168 said...

Maybe you should make a press report and let the authority ppl to take action

Love Diary 8168 said...

Maybe you should make a press report and let the authority ppl to take action

Anonymous said...

rm50 also cannot give.. get a job

Anonymous said...

u accidentally ran red light at night, then police stop u, r u gonna tell them it was dark i could not see it ??
cool story bro

may said...

Why don't just call the police immediately and if the case settled,paid the police RM50?

Sharon said...

Hmm I had dinner in this food court twice. I saw some foreign workers there but they didn't ask for money (coz we dined there?)
Im shocked how this old man is still at large and no one filed a police report against him. Thanks for the writeup but I think the police ought to know bout this as well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

make police report..!! dun let them bully another again!

Coffee Bean said...

Indeed it looks like a bullying case. But....

But the food court is a private land. So, even if report to police, there is NO case because it is a private land belonging to the food court and he has the right to charge RM50. Definitely the police cannot interfere because it is a private land. Sad but true.

This also happens in any McDonald's outlets. There is a signboard in Greenlane McD and Tesco Penang saying that non-patrons could risk their cars being clamped. If your car is being clamped, you have to pay RM50.

Coffee Bean said...

At the same time, it is also WRONG but the old man and his gang to act like gangsters. For that you can report to police because that is criminal intimidation by the old man.

But....he still has the right to charge you RM50.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure whether this is the same case as i saw earlier.. but like coffee bean said... you can do nothing to them... not authority can do a thing to them...
1. Banners - they have it, u don't read it, that gives them an advantage in the law. it's just like i give you a book for the exam... you don't read and you failed... who's fault?
2. Private land - i'm sure you wouldn't like anyone to park their car in front or IN your house when they have no business with you. for that you have something call trespassing. likewise, you have trespassed the land the moment you parked there without patronizing them. so they have the right to charge you for trespassing unless u can prove that that particular piece of land where you drove your car in and parked and drove you car out belongs to the state gov of Penang. then they have no right to do so.
3. they resorted to snatching and forcing you to reformat your memory card simply bcz they noe you are up not no good(in their point of view). at this moment anyone would have reacted so. therefore, they will say this is self defense. and in law, you have to ask permission to take a person's photograph. image right not only covers the right of publishing but also the right of taking. simple as if today you decided and allowed someone to take a nude photo of you and published it, he can only be charged of possession of adult material but not violating image right because u allowed him to do so.
however, by denying you the chance of patronizing them afterwards makes them wrong. because you have a right to do anything b4 and after eating. that's a loophole so if you wanna report this to the authorities, i suggest to tell them they stopped me from patronizing, that is like forcing me not to become their customer ie force me to violate their rule and they charge me for that. its like a policeman forcing you to rob someone and then arrest you for that. i think you do have higher chance of winning in court rather than telling the panel who would read the damn banner.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah. btw. they reserve a right for suing you for defamation if you continue to spread this. but i guess nobody is gonna do so la.. u r not in some country where they sue you for not telling them the hot coffee is hot. LOL!!!

aloha said...

Actually this is not d first time i heard of this...but this time is more terrible
The previous time i heard was d driver's fren went in to buy a packet of drink then everything settle..but for ur case they rnot to settle with u so easy

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. well Even said so . They should make the sign bigger ! And if they not scared place the banner infront of the court . God Dammit reading this Blog Just made my blood boil . >:( Which ever the case its not that you can't do anything about it . But its safer not to . Penang is like this i guess . . . I will leave no further comments . Thank you .

Anonymous said...

report to police la no point just putting it up on the web.

Anonymous said...

I was victimize as well on 30th May 2011, my sister and myself 2 cars got chained when came back from the restaurant outside this food court. although there are a lot of banners and lights been set up but the lights are dim and not so obvious. They have so many foreigners working there holding chains. I believe that there were hired for this scam and extortion purpose. This RM50 per car parking is such a ridiculous joke. Fr: Mike

Anonymous said...

it's not a scam, you are just being retarded.

tanjung bunga folks

Hanson said...

Why are you hiding his face?????

And you claim fb to be your most powerful weapon??
Cmon, is this a joke???

Anonymous said...

spread this kind of situation to the entire Penang, so Mr. Lim Guan Eng will look into this matter!

Anonymous said...

i think packing at any shopping mall also no need so expensive... go report and take action...

Nicholas Chan said...

print his face and distribute every where. =D

Outside Penang said...

suggest you to re-edit your blog from knowing where u stay or work... else they might come after you.. im sure they could recognise your car plate no and colour and car brand etc... just to be on the safe side...

on the other hand... might have told them that you want to buy rm50 worth of food from their food court.. maybe he would mercy it? better to have rm50 worth of food in exchange than giving him blindly... at least u can keep at home and eat slowly...

good luck with this old tard!

Kyflein said...

Nice tip-off. i know where to avoid.

It seems like its a private land and they are free to do anything on their land. But private property owners are supposed to declare the type of activity used on the land, isn't it? If they are doing F&B business and registered for that ONLY, the ‘business’ of chaining up cars isn’t legal too.

If they really focus on the parking rather than the chaining, they should be putting the message on a notice board at the entrance rather than banners (which are rarely used as a ‘warning’ sign but rather are advertisement medium).

Anonymous said...

@ Kyflein:

Go visit that place then only you comment. The banner is so huge and it is everywhere, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE anyone could had miss it when drive in / walk out the entrance.

Anonymous said...

I got to here from cari forum,,
I disagree with the call to boycott the place just because you had bad experience with it, I have been to that place before and I like it because it gives hawker center patrons free parking (especially at that prime location).
I disagree with the fact you tried to take his picture when he tried to collect RM50 from you, you got caught and having being humiliated there. Since he has a few signboards to show it and you missed it. Take it as a lesson learned to be more careful next time.
Now by posting this blog out in the open for public to read and calling for boycott. You are just trying pass "guily verdict" on him before the court of public opinion.
He may have a few thugs behind him trying to enforce the rule on his private property , but you tried to rally a mob (public of maybe thousands ) against him by calling for boycott to hurt him economically . That does not make you any better than him, maybe worse . The only difference is you think you are educated enough to write this blog trying rationalize your own mistakes.

Another advice, I read in your personal blog about your works and the company you are working for, you sounded like an official spokesperson for your company. I suggest you keep them apart. If that business premise owner(s) found out that you have been asking people to boycott his business for your own personal reason, he may take legal action against you and your company, knowing some flashy MNC has some deep pocket to dig into.

HL Chuah said...

This is too much, we do not want this barbarians to stay in Penang. Also plssss boycott ALL the private car park until Penang government have come up a good solution to help us poor residents who have already facing financial problem.

Alden said...

you should have make police report! and they can be charge for criminal intimidation! it's not too late to make a police report now!

Anonymous said...

Man with no balls!! Sadist idiot!

anson said...

bro, thank God that you are okay...
be more careful now...
looking at the numbers of people they are having, i think they can easily track you down in PG...

Anonymous said...

Today, me and my friend visited that place and come back after meeting my friend in Daroere. What had happened is after we came back and bought some snacks from the food courst and soon after found out our car is locked. We talked nicely to the uncle and telling him, we were there to visit our friend and come back to buy food. No excuse, you aren't customer. There is the problem, what is the definition of customer that he supposed to mean? I tried my best with a good tone to settle with him with my only RM20 but he refuse. I said I only have RM20, but he put on his poker face. An hour of waiting and some uncle that can't tahan talked to him for our behalf also failed. Finally I decided to call up police as it is going to be midnight. Thank god to the police who come to rescue us. He come very quick and I am positive this incident occured many times. I have no idea, whether there is any unhappy incident that happen to be worse than the author. Imagine two young ladies, students with no backup and refusal of our speech. The police did come to help us and guess what did he help us? The police first advice us to report the police and then we said can asked him to open the lock or not. He get so upset, pittying us and straightly asked why we didn't settle. I said I GIVE HIM RM20 BUT he said it is not enought. Straightly he take out RM30(Really appreciate it) and what he said is kinda true. He said, bangsa sendiri pun tindas bangsa sendiri. I bukan bangsa u, pun tolong u. 1 MALAYSIA. After seeing this post, I think we are lucky enough, as they didn't do any harm to us. The responsible police called our parents to notify that this happen and now I only know it means to save us. Those two policemen wait until we left the premise only went away. What I want to do is send a gentle reminder to everyone to be careful and in any case of harrasing or intimidating, contact the nearest police. Last and not least, I want to say a hundred thank you to the policeman who work hard in protecting us. I really appreciate it.

kae vin said...

Hi Anonymous (11/9 11:28am),

I am sorry for what happened to you. Just imagine if there's 2 cases in average happening everyday, he would have earned RM3000 for nothing.

He knows that he is legally right and that explains his arrogance.

I am impressed by the policemen who forked out his own money to help you. Thank God we still have people who are in their sane mind in Penang.

Therefore the only thing we can do is avoiding from patronizing the food court and tell others to not go there.

Thanks for posting the comment here. :)

Anonymous said...

You were wrong in the first place. Assume.

But the real problem is not you, or the uncle, it is your parents who never teach you some consideration for others (what you ask from others>>> respect). The problem with people who don't work the other side, they only think "Me, Myself and I am a customers out there! I ALWAYS RIGHT! I am the king of the road and the whole word has to serve me! I want to eat"

1 answer to people like you > fuck you.

"You wish you were a gangster" to call some bros to beat a old man who simply do his job, on a private property? Moreover? That joke.

First, you cannot do the job yourself (too weak and coward) then you want to impose your rules like an idiot when you are wrong? Funny boy, need to post your lame and irresponsible attitude on your blog moreover...

Same kids who blame always the government, but go cry to the police when their car get a little scratch or whatever lol


You were lucky on that one boy... I tell you.

Anonymous said...

"you should have make police report! and they can be charge for criminal intimidation! it's not too late to make a police report now!"

Hey Alden? You understand that the police officer will simply tell you that on non-private lands, MPPP will toe your car? You rather learn from that case and next time THINK TWICE before thinking you can just park your car wherever you want.

Anonymous said...

Nick Chan? What about I post your face on some specific website? You think it's funny... Let me check...


This is your little baby face? lol