Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am supposed to be packing my backpack right now instead of writing a post if it weren't for the quake that shattered Japan on 11 March.

Anyway I got refunded by AirAsia so basically I didn't lose anything.

The quake and tsunami in Sendai, Japan also triggered a tsunami alarm as far as Penang. A group of teenagers from my church were initially going to hike Pantai Keracut on 12th March but the word pantai was like a taboo and we had no choice but to change the destination.

Any idea of the whereabout of this picture? :)

and it was school holiday last week, which essentially had nothing to do with me, except...

Tell me what should I feel about this? XD

Nothing much to blog about lately. I have shifted my life's focus bit by bit and I guess it's the same for all my university friends who graduated last year. When you are a student, you have the privilege to procrastinate, slack off, make mistakes and give lame excuses. Nonetheless, things changed from the moment you signed the offer letter. :D

Anyway, I have no complaints with anything so far except for the skyrocketing property prices in Penang. Imagine a condominium of 1100 square feet causing easily RM400000? That's way too...scary. I guess that's the challenge of X-Generation in the 21st century. :\

and did I say that I will be going back to Austin in April? :)


calvin said...

Japan is shattered, but they will rise again.
We will still go around Tokyo!!!

anson said...
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anson said...

you are leaving us again...

Alfred Toh said...

I saw Maxis poor coverage. =P
Have a safe journey to Austin! =)

aiting said...

okay, that's around PJ standard property :o but penang still cheaper ler

Anonymous said...

That picture is taken before one of the rest stops if you hike up from the youth park. Either number 3 or number 5.

Somewhere near here if i'm not mistaken.