Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My 2010 was like a roller coaster ride.

In the beginning, I was working my butt off for my final year project and frantically looking for a job.

Then I got a job and it was a 3 month internship in the United States. So I flew in May.

I attended a wedding of an old friend,

visited New York City

and did skydiving

and of course I worked at the same time.

I came back to Malaysia and I attended my convocation in August.

I started working in Penang in September.

and I am now writing the last entry of 2010 with a hope of a better 2011 ahead. I hope God will be in the picture just like how He did in 2010. :)

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for reading this 6 year old blog! :)


shawn kL said...

missed those study days..

kae vin said...

yeah good old days were gone just like that hahah.