Saturday, December 18, 2010

Javelin River: Panorama Hill

The Sungai Lembing town. My first ever HDR attempted therefore pardon the edgy tree. I only shot the photo in normal quality therefore the information loss :/

Well, Panorama Hill at Sungai Lembing was famed for it's sunrise and sea of clouds. Thus I will do minimal writing here and let the pictures do the talking! :)

Just right before the dawn broke.

Almost there!

and the sun rose but it was blocked by some stupid clouds therefore no sunny side up for today's breakfast. LOL

Then out of the blue it became foggy

and foggier when we took a group photo :\

Call me Apollo! XD

Behold, the definition of picturesquely tranquil! (I had a hard time pronouncing them lol)

A sea of clouds~ Felt like diving in and swam :D

The blurry effect was caused by the moist on the lens lol.

Going down down down down down~

The famous Taufu made using the water from the hill for breakfast. Smooth and silky! :D

Then we left the town. Crossing the river on a wooden bridge.

So long, Sungai Lembing~


Genny said...

oh my goodness, where is Sg.Lembing? My jaw dropped and could not close when i saw the photos. It's beautiful!!

calvin said...

Since when there are clever clouds and stupid clouds? xD

Shirley said...

Why nobody ever tell before that Sg Lembing is so beautiful? Wonder when I could get my feet there. Is the climb to view Panaroma Hill toddler friendly if we were to put Austin on baby wrap/sling?

kae vin said...


Sungai Lembing is located in Pahang. 40km away from Kuantan. :)

Yup it's very beautiful


Since the clouds start going to school! :P


haha! I guess in Northern part of Malaysia people are less aware of beautiful places in the east coast. Sg Lembing is a very popular destination for KL folks. :)

Ya the hike was not too tough. I hiked up there in about 30 minutes. There are all steps and staircases. Anyway you would wanna be very careful as there were some muddy parts where it could be really slippery but yeah I think Austin will enjoy that. hahah

anson said...

possible to go with me for another time? so that u can be our guide... :p

kae vin said...


Better do the booking earlier! :D