Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Wall Photo

Time flew like nobody's business when I worked for 8 hours in the day and covered myself in paint for 3 hours at night. That was why I hadn't updated my blog for more than two weeks! September ended and October kicked off! Twenty ten is coming to an end!

Anyway it was worth the hard work. Just take a look at the pictures

Before the painting, well, not exactly, I painted it white first.

The paint does the magic huh?

From another perspective...

It went from a plain white wall

To this! :D

Anyway I did not do this alone all the while (only some times). My parents did help and so was my colleague. :)

This would be my music room where I could just close the door and make noise! :D

The guest room aka bedroom with beds. :)

The window for pure staring purposes. lol

I bet you can totally tell that I am a true blue Penangite just by just looking at my room! One more Pinang tree and I am all done! :D

So that was about the place where I am currently staying on the island. Still commute back to mainland on a weekly basis.

Well, life at work is great. Great environment, great people, great activities and great job. A month has passed and I am still a happy employee. I have been learning stuffs and feeling valued. I guess that's about all a fresh graduate can get isn't it?

and internet was just installed hours ago. To start a new life in a new place, you always need to be connected. XD

One more photo for the conclusion.

There are always reasons for me to love Penang and this is one of it, the Penang bridge! This picture was taken on the peak of Bukit Jambul.

Standing tall and looking far.

Signing off!


calvin said...

Any reasons behind the colour choice?

kae vin said...


Tell me what do you think? :)

Obviously my room has the Penang state flag colour :D

calvin said...

Fulamak patriotic sial haha!
But I don't remember seeing a Penang flag with orange colour ><

kae vin said...

Hey it's my room! not the living room~ =.= Never read properly

calvin said...

Haha, my question was on the whole house :P

kae vin said...

No particular reason. Just part of my favourite colour tone.

Yellow + Orange and Blue + Green. You can see it on mu blog header I guess :)

calvin said...

Why didn't you paint one wall in pinkish purple?
It's one of the colours on your header isn't it? xD

[I Live For This] said...

yeah i love penang too

Eng Song Keat said...

Wah. Hoh seh lea!! Nice paint job there!
Patriot ah!

Anonymous said...

It's so pitiful that I couldn't help out even after my exam ... Bt never forget something .. The NETBOOK ! u got no reason to hav it anymore .. Hehe. -kaemin

+_c said...

nice house!
it's just too big for you to stay alone! You're truly a blessed man! :)

Jon Wen said...

Whats the name of that orange? Now I want to paint my room orange too !!! haha

kae vin said...


I'll reserve that for your room :P


*high five*

Song Keat:

thanks! yeah a Penang fan :P

kae min:

lol just have to buy me meals.


haha. Thanks! U can come to stay if u want~ bring Amos too XD

Jon Wen:

It's ici dulux pearl glo series. Colour name: Coral Blush and code: 14491

calvin said...

That would be sooooo cool!

Kyflein said...

Nice place!
How good that you can afford a whole house as a fresh grad :P

kae vin said...


Yeah can't wait to see that.


How could I afford something like this? It was my parents' investment :)

Rhuyann said...

really wall photos..hahaha..