Friday, October 22, 2010


Day by day, hour by hour, clock seemed to be ticking faster ever since I started working. Nevertheless, the best thing about my job is that I have flexible working hour thus I can totally arrange my own daily schedule.

Nothing in particular to blog about in this post. Last week I made a trip to KL to attend a wedding. In the mean time, I kinda met up with a few friends and not surprisingly, everybody was busy with their precious weekends thus I didn't meet up with all of them. Just a rant. :P

Stepping into the career life feels like stepping on an elevator - no time to stop, and it keeps moving up. Anyway I still play basketball twice a week. Will be joining a 3 on 3 competition together with my colleagues. As it is only open for the tenures of the location of my current R&D Centre, I hope we can win something.

On the other hand, I'll be volunteering for a school mentor project in some schools in Penang. I'll be mentoring some high school kids to join a robotic competition of Lego NXT Mindstorm, which is a product of Lego and my company, National Instruments. I am sure it will be fun. :) Stay tuned for more updates on it alright? :)

Anyway, just wish to post up some really cute toddlers' photo that I had taken for the past few months.

I hope they will light up your day.

Adorable? Go make one on your own! :D


kids lover from japan said...

Do you miss your study life? xD

Anonymous said...

I am planning on it!

Jian Xin

JohnCoeinne said...

Thn when gonna ur turn to make one?

Kae Min said...

so how's the gorgeous girl ? show me nxt time ~.~
don go high school and tipu xiao mei mei ~.~

Goh Family depends on u to produce new generation le ...

kykhor said...


your days a an uncle won't be too far away as your bro is now having "toddler syndrome" lol.

Kae Min said...


it's so excited to c him having GF or even getting married soon, or I should say, as soon as possible ...

no particular reason.

kae vin said...

kids lover from Japan:

I think I am enjoying now. :D

Jian Xin:

Yeah. Can't wait to see your kid!


lol. That's for u to think. haha

km and ky:

Stop syok-sendiri-ing. lol