Friday, August 06, 2010

So Long, Texas

I was supposed to blog about the trip to Dallas and Fort Worth last week and also the global conference, NIWeek that I just attended.

Anyway I guess I am having blogstipation right now due to mood swing.

What caused my mood swing, you may ask.

Because I am going back to Malaysia in less than 30 hours' time. Not that I am not excited about going back, it's just that I wished I could stay a little bit longer here.

Nevertheless, a quick one for Dallas and NIWeek

This was a street in Dallas. See the cross in the middle of the road?

Question, what was so special about it?

Well, not a big deal, just street where a President of United States was assassinated here. :P

Now you have an idea how big NIWeek was.

Don't get me started or else I would have a hard time to stop writing about all the awesome pawsome keynotes, demonstration, new products and exhibition in the conference. :)

So glad to be able to work with such state of the art company. :)

I will blog about my trip to Dallas/Fort Worth and NIWeek when I get back to Malaysia.

Not gonna spend my last day in Austin, blogging long long stuffs. :P

Another 30-hour flight home

So long, Texas! Definitely gonna see you again!


aiting said...

erm. I think we have exactly the same luggage, even the color. LOL

Lucky you, you get to attend NI week!

❤ஐ~chOco~ஐ❤ said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought the USA would be awesome. Welcome back to Malaysia Kaevin;Great blog.(p.s.~ Where the president got murdered is a pretty big deal, ain't it?xD) I'm one from Sao nian Jun, in case you forgot.

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

I feel the same when my 10th day arrive.. as I waiting for my flight at Pudong. The friends tat I met.. I gotta miss them. But it always home sweet home.. back to Malaysia when we are belong. ^^ U will be hearing, "Kepada warga negara, selamat balik ke tanah air". Lol! =P Catch u around! Perhaps if i am not outstation, u might see my face at wisma mca. =P

kae vin said...


really? Copycat you! lol

yeah initially i was flying back on 1 August but I requested for an extension.


Thanks! :)


It was! Thanks and I totally remember you, but by the name Wen Hao, not winston. lol

Yew Soon:

Yeah! Totally agree with you.

and no I didn't hear the "Kepada warga negara, selamat balik ke tanahair" thing! lol

See you!