Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten Thousand Feet

How does it feel like to fall off from ten thousand feet above the skies?

Read this post and I will tell you everything!

One of the guys who did a sky-dive last year, suggested the intern to do it again this year.

I decided to do it, as a milestone of my 23rd birthday. :)

Don't wanna bore you with too many details. Let's get it started!

Anyway, it started with the most dangerous part of the skydiving - an hour long drive to get to the drop-zone, known as Skydive Temple in Salado.

lol it's said that the fatal rate of driving is much higher than skydiving. You be the judge. :D

So we got to the Skydiving Street.

We were required to sign on a release form so that we wouldn't take any legal action against Skydiving Temple if any mishap were to happen.

A group photo of the skydivers! woohoo! The girl in green, she was tricked by the one who took us here (the one who took this photo) into this skydiving thing. She didn't know she was going to skydive until 2 hours before we drove there and she didn't even know her friend was not jumping as well! lol!

A wardrobe full of the jumping suits!!

I'll skip the part where I was dressing up and you could see how I resembled to Power Ranger after I put the suit on, in the previous post.

Instructor: You listen to me, you make my job easier, you do not, you make my job harder but either way, we are not going to die.

Me: *I'm gonna hijack the plane. muahahaha.*

The plane then took off and it took around 20 minutes to reach the altitude of 10500 feet (3200 meters) up in the air.

*8000 feet in the air*

Instructor: Hold on to your harness during your free fall. A tap on the shoulder and you can let go of your hands. Make sure your legs are bent backward. Thrust your hip forward. blablabla blablabla

Me: *Not listening* Shit! Why am I doing this? I want out! @^$(@)#%^@#)

But I was too late. The door was open. The wind was blowing wild. The plane was trembling. My feet were on the hanger.

A leap of faith! Before I realized, I was kind of forced out of the plane!!!

*Hanging on tied to my harness* I suddenly remembered all the instructions! lol

With my head down!!

I AM FREE-FALLING!! The world was spinning, I didn't know where was the skies, where was the land, I just felt like.....FLYING!!!

Contradict to what we usually think about the ticklish feeling in the stomach, there was no such feeling during my free fall. It was totally different from roller coaster/space shot.

Like I said, it felt like, flying.

A balance chute was then released to stabilize the fall

The Tachometer said "8000 feet up in the air!!"

Time for some camwhore moments. Even 8000 feet above sea level!! Woohoo!

I felt like I was floating or flying. The wind was strong but I didn't realize that I was falling. The free falling lasted for around 40 seconds but to me, it felt like a few seconds only.

Around the altitude of 5000 feet, the parachute was deployed! This was the moment where the ticklish sensation came about!

and I was in the air, doing all kinds of tricks, turning round and round and left and right! It lasted for around five minutes.

Then I touched the ground, still in a euphoric state of mind.

'Awesome!!!!!' was the first word I uttered when I got to the ground!

Also, it was the priciest five minutes in my life! lol It was in HD so gonna take some time to load. So make yourself a cup of coffee, grab some snacks and come back later for the video! :)

If you skipped all the reading to get here, then I suggest that you go back, and start reading word by word! XD Gotcha!

We went home with our trophies. A photo of us in the air! Spot the special one? Yeah he was the chicken who tricked his friend into skydiving but he himself didn't do it. Whack him the next time you see him k? Anyway, just fyi he jumped last year. That made him excusable but still, chicken LOL! *Kev, you're not gonna get back at me, are you?*

I wanna yell on the top of my lung every time I recall the moment of me jumping out of the plane! I still have adrenaline rush when I think of the flying sensation! The bottom line was, I had an unforgettable moment.

*Watching the video over and over again*

Bungee jump will be my 24th birthday's celebration!! Join me anybody? :D


Alfred Toh said...

Wow! How much you spent for this?
Hopefully I have this chance someday soon.

KhaiShing said...

Wowwww....that was so freakin' awesome!!! It's great that they helped y'all take such a cool video!!

anson said...

you are young!!!

anson said...

just finished watching the video...
nice shot!
how much the whole package??

one more Q, did u get permission before you went for it? :p

curryegg said...

Hi kae vin. Just got to know that you have a blog here and it is nice. Wow... sky diving is so awesome! I want to go too!! =D

Xuan said...

it's great!!
the air asia slogan:
everyone can fly!!!
but you dont need air asia to fly...kakaka...

Niel said...


Sherril 雪乐 said...

very very cool! hehe you're the 1st friend that I know who did skydiving! When I have the chance I will want to do that too ^^

Aileen said...

wow, you really are brave..

trying out extreme sports one at at time...live life to the fullest... so after bungee jumping, what's next? diving with the sharks??

❤ஐ~chOco~ஐ❤ said...

u are so brave!!!

❤ஐ~chOco~ஐ❤ said...

ur instructor pull ur head to look at camera...damn funny~ that video i watched 3 times leh~but stil very scare to try~

kae vin said...

Alfred Toh:

Yeah you sure will have the chance to do it :) I will send you a message to tell u the price :D

Khai Shing:

Yes it is! :) We had to pay for that! XD


what is it that I am young has to do with skydiving? and I told my parents before I jumped. :P


Kelly Tan you no heart la. I blogged for 5 years now only you noticed my blog. :P Yup you should go! :)


lol! I can fly! yeah!




My pleasure to be the first skydiving friend of you. :D

Ai Lean:

I guess so. Sometimes we just need something different in life, don't we? :)


thanks! :) I am not really brave, just stupid. :P

and ya I was looking down and the instructor pulled my head up so that I could look at the camera! XD

jijitankyy said...

Im sure it is not cheap.
Provided to earn the license to do it?

kae vin said...


Yeah it's not cheap but there's no need for license coz I was just doing the tandem (meaning tied to an instructor) :)

abOo said...

wow.must try this.