Thursday, July 15, 2010

Six Flags

I am 1 hour and 17 minutes away from my birthday, as of GMT -6:00. :)

Thanks for everybody who wished me, using GMT +8:00, which meant that you are 14hours ahead of me. :P

and sorry about the frequent update of my blog. You might need to spend some time reading but let me assure you, it's totally worth it. :P

Frankly speaking, I just realised that I have so much to blog and if I leave them there I would forget about updating them.

Before that, my company have rented 2 boats for my department and everybody will go for a boat party on them tomorrow to celebrate my birthday to show the company's appreciation for employees.

Yay so I get to spend my birthday on a boat, indulging in beers and snacks and sunbathing and swimming and whatsoever. ^_^

No facing the computer or debugging my circuit on my birthday! Woohooo! :P

Anyway, this post is meant to update about my A-W-E-S-O-M-E-S-T roller coaster experience EVER. The caps are serious!

Six Flags is a theme park that has several branches all around the United States.

The one I went to was Six Flags Fiesta Texas located at San Antonio.

It was about an hour and a half drive away from Austin.

It was kinda like Sunway Lagoon + Genting Highland Theme Park in Malaysia, just BIGGER!

I was greeted by this giant roller coaster known as the Goliath upon entering the theme park compound.

Seeing them alone was enough to give me some adrenaline rush!

The only bad part of the whole theme park experience was the line. We had to wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour to get on a ride for a few minutes. :\ So we camwhored along the way! XD

This was the first ride we hopped on, The Boomerang. Try to spot me! :D The first one who got it correct will get a prize from Austin! :P

After that, we changed into our swimsuit to go for the Wet Park!

While waiting for the ride.

This funnel thing known as the Tornado was the best slide out of all slides in the wet park!

We had to carry the raft all the way up

Trust me! It was superb! We almost flipped over but we survived!

This vertical slide was thrilling too!! Before I realized, I was falling down straight!

This one, was the FASTEST roller coaster that I had ever ridden. I couldn't stop but yelled all the way. See the 1 minute long video for yourself.

The speediest ride ever!! and no I didn't pee in my pant. :P

This was the only one that I found it so-so. Apparently the one in Genting was faster and better.

The Gullywasher.

They won some Looneytoon soft toys!

This was the hit of the day! The Superman Kryton Coaster! It was almost free-fall!! Photo taken from Wikipedia as I didn't manage to sneak my camera on the coaster. :P

The park closed at 9pm and then it had a firework combined with laser show. I had to admit that the theme park was creative. They projected image and laser on the cliffs in the theme park, dubbed it with narration and music and created effects using fireworks and explosions. It was a story about the history of Texas.


Awesome fireworks!

If you are looking for a euphoric and adrenaline-rushing experience, this is one place that you can go!

That's all people and there is another thing that I'll do to celebrate my 23rd birthday - to go SKYDIVING! Yeah you hear me right, I am going for tandem skydiving this Saturday.

Stay tuned!! :)


❤ஐ~chOco~ஐ❤ said...

u are superb BRAVE...
non of them i dare to play ><
the Tornado is awesome!!!should very syok on it!!
look forward to ur interesting post yoo =)

calvin said...

Woah, I am damn on time!
Ten more minutes (+9 GMT) before your birthday ends!!

You old already lah uncle xD

:) said...

very large pple there

stupid said...


KyranC said...

Damn shiok man.....
I wish I were you...I can't play all the things you played le....frightening.....@@