Saturday, July 31, 2010


This is the path that I walk to work everyday.

Another five more days to walk on this forest-ish trail again.

I will be taking my flight back to Malaysia on 7 of August. I wish I could stay longer in Austin.

Anyway, life goes on so I got myself some stupid photo around the place that I stay for the past two months.

Lo and behold, the art of extreme stupidity at its best. :P

and here's a photo of me in my cube. See the Malaysian flag? Yeah I hung it up! See I am so patriotic :D

Honestly, I really enjoyed the two months in Austin. Made some pretty cool friends, did some pretty cool stuffs. This is a video made by one of the marketing intern. It was funny. See it and you'll know how hard I worked. XD

and not forget to mention that I will be working with National Instruments Penang when I go back.

So, see you guys in Penang! :)

p/s-> will be driving up to Fort Worth/Dallas later. Stay tuned :)


Niel said...

Hard to keep a straight face when taking those photos? X)

tempang said...

cool :)

kae vin said...


lol what do you mean?


Thanks :)