Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls is one of the Texas State Park that is located about one hour away from the City of Austin.

It was a windy and cloudy Saturday. I followed some of the engineers for a relaxing trip in the wild before the really hot summer that is going to kick off in July.

Upon entering the entrance of Pedernales Falls State Park, we were welcomed by the US and Texas Lone Star flags flying high.

We were also given a map by the park ranger to navigate around.

By the way, the entrance fee for the park was 5 bucks per person. However they had got this Pass of all Texas Parks so we got inside without paying anything. :)

The first thing that we did once we were in the park was looking for a good spot and laid out all the lunch boxes. There were nasi kunyit, fried tom yam Bee Hoon, spaghetti, pan cakes, fruit cakes, chicken curry....and as you all could have guessed, I cooked spaghetti. LOL

Imagine picnicking under a big tree shade with breeze and little yellow all around. It was so cozy that I couldn't stop eating. :P and the food was good of course!

While they were talking about changing diapers and sending their children to kindergarten.....

I lurked around and started camwhoring. Believe it or not, this was a self-portrait. I think I am getting better at it haha. By the way, do you somehow feel that this photo has a taste of Bollywood? XD

After the fulfilling lunch, we walked down a trail full of yellow and red flowers to get to the water so that we could have a splashing moment.

Flowers were growing all over.

With a merciless smoldering sun shining on top, the stream water became so inviting. So I immediately took off my shirt and jumped right into the water.

and guess what? I spotted the paparazzi in action......

To capture the father and son moment. :)

I brought a book that I borrowed from the internal library of NI and I had a chance to lie down under the shade and flip a few pages after I got up from the water. Cozy....

After a few hours, we proceeded to the main attraction of the Pedernales Falls State Park, which was the Pedernales Falls. Enjoy the photos :)

The rock and the water.

It was cloudy but still the sun was dazzling.

It was a cascaded fall rather than a vertical fall.

The water was calm but the wind blew and thus the ripple.

How could I forget to do my signature hop when it came to such a scenic spot?

I tried the smoky water effect for a few times as the sun was too freaking bright so it was hard to set the shutter speed slower as it tended to overexpose. Anyway this was one of the okay shots.

It was still striking hot even when it was already 7pm. The skies went completely dark at 915pm today.

What a long day and relaxing day.

It's time to sleep.

More to come for my life in Austin! :)


aiting said...

That's a good book to read! and you should read 'Outliers' (the 3rd book) if you have not read it. it's awesome :]

stupid said...

nice pics!

calvin said...

Wei, are you on a holiday trip or what?
Always say me, see who's talking now xD

By the way, the self-portrait and jumping shot; did you use self-timer for both pictures?

kae vin said...


yeah :) I will sure read it when I finish the 1st and 2nd :)


thanks :)


I where got always say u. This is just a weekend trip ok.

The self-potrait I timed it myself. The jumping I asked other to shoot for me la aiyo.

Shirley said...

Kae Vin - Your blog is interesting! Both you & your pix are gorgeous! Great job. Check out some of our pix @ Pedernales Falls here >>