Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When East Meets West

People have been asking me to blog about my life in US and here am I, to kick start the very first post! woohoo *lion dance dong dong qiang*

For those who didn't know, I am having a 10-week internship in National Instruments in Austin, Texas, USA.

My flight from Penang -> Singapore -> Hong Kong -> Chicago -> Austin was delayed and the journey was prolonged from 30 hours to 51 hours. I think thats why I felt like sleeping at 9pm and waking up at 6am everyday. Today is my first time staying up so late and it is 1030pm now by the way. :P

Up till now there hasn't been any really huge stuffs happening so I'll be blogging bits about life here since I have touched down on this land.

The first thing that is worth some pictures here is the apartment that I am staying. Ask me why? See it for yourself. :P

I am occupying the room alone, with a private bathroom and private wardrobe room. Tell me how can it be cooler? XD

On Saturday night, we cooked spaghetti for our dinner. Typical huh? XD

The six interns from Malaysia.

On Sunday morning, another intern and I walked about 30 minutes to get to a baptist church for morning worship.

It was a small, warm and friendly community church. A few of them talked to us and surprisingly, most of them know where Malaysia is!

The very next day was my first working day. I had my lovely breakfast before getting off to work.

It was relatively cheap to buy milk, cereal and strawberries here! A bottle of milk of 4 liter cost about 3 bucks whereas a huge box of huge strawberries cost 1.2 bucks and a huge packet of cornflakes cost 1.5 bucks. Even after conversion, they were so much cheaper than prices in Malaysia. Oh not forget to mention that 8 oranges only cost 1 buck! :)

Being an alien here, I did not have the luxury to own a car (but they are trying to get one for the interns, apparently Malaysia driver license can be used here!), so we walked to the company from our apartment, through a little forest full of flowers and trees. They said there were even foxes and deers if we were lucky enough to spot them!

See I am not bluffing! XD

Of course we would not let go of the opportunity to camwhore even when we were in the lobby of the office. :P

On the lobby itself, there was a gallery showcasing some of the NI (read: National Instruments) products. This was one of the base products.

Looks pretty canggih right? XD

We were then summoned by the HR officer to line up and had our photo taken to get the badge. We got the badge instantly

Nice and dandy! :P

All the interns then proceeded to the New Employee Orientation which was very much similar to a college orientation.

We were even taken to a tour around the campus!

After that the Malaysia interns were taken to do the drug test. This was to avoid hiring some drug abusers.

We would pee in a cup and the little puppy would sniff and tell the nurse if we passed the drug test! XD

Then I got back to the office and was brought to my cubicle.

and I saw my name, huge and colourful, on the wall of my cubicle. ;)

I would be sharing my working space with another intern as we would be working on the same project!

Looking down from my office I could see the flags flying high~

I guess there are only so much to blog so far. I would be blogging more once I've got the chance to explore the city of Austin.

Stay tuned for more :) (I really felt like photoshopping away the lamp post. lol)


kaemin said...

cool ! all the best ! it's another stage of life already ... wuakaka

Chris Kh said...

Wow jealous nia.. all the best and don forget to come back.. lol XD

lucas said...

yo kae vin!!! It's really exciting!!! All the best ya!!! Don't siasui Nibong Tebal ah.. kakakaka

LEEZH said...

all the best... Tell me more when comming back. ^^

Eliz said...

Cool~~~ i guess you will not coming ~~~ I like the "Welcome~ Kae Vin Goh" thingy ^^ & the church that you attend is a chinese church?
looking forward to more photos and stories~ thanks for sharing ^^ take good care! God bless!

❤ஐ~chOco~ஐ❤ said...

that apartment that u stayed so nice leh...ur company is near to forest?

Niel said...

There is a great sense of excitement in every sentence.

All the best! =D

Genny said...

aha, the reason why u overslept, lol~ hey, as usual, the thing tat lights up my eyes is the cute doggie! seriously, the doggie had to sniff ur cup? or are u just kidding? there was no puppy when i went =(

YekHong said...

cool kaevin, take care!
all the best:)

[I Live For This] said...

i saw Chile????

Denz said...

that's not Chile. That's the Texas State flag.. :)

Ur intern frens all so young lar... well look young. Hmm... all Cina eh?? How many Universities NI went to? U look the most senior thr. lol

Food is so cheap thr.. Go learn to play some Football ok! Texas is a football state!! :D

KyranC said...

I demand more photos!!!

stupid said...

1 stupid Q: Do you have the feeling that you're getting younger when you fly pass the time zone?XD

kae vin said...


thanks. u too. :P

Christ Kh:

Don't be jealous la....Thanks and yes I will be back! (even if I don wanna, the US homeland security will make sure I will! :P)


yeah. thanks! No worries, wont siasui :P


Thanks! Sure :D


hahah. yeah u sure like it. The church I attended was more like a community church with different races but mostly are whites. :) I will sure share more. Thanks! God bless!


ya! My company is surrounded by trees and bushes :)


haha you could sense them? lol


Yeah! and you checked my blog on the first hour of work! :P

and you really believe in the puppy joke? lol!! so funny la u! XD

Yek Hong:

Thanks! u too :)

I live for this:

haha Denz answered for me. :)


lol we were all interns from Malaysia! all cina yeah. and stop reminding me of my age! arghhhh....

Football? I rather go watcha baseball game since it's baseball season right now. :)


Sure :D


erm. I should be. lol!

Genny said...

aww the puppy joke was mean~ =p i really believed it.... =p i'm in my "i'll believe anytg bout dogs mood" maybe i'll dream of my doggies tonight since i miss them so much, lol.. goodnight!

calvin said...

Another reason which made me feel that I should've gone to a Western country ><
Can find clothes with sutable sizes, cheap cornflakes and milk etc.
But my English fail-lah hahaha!

kae vin said...


lol dogs are everywhere here in US!


Well ya I guess u can find your sizes in those Big and Tall outlets. lol

and your English fail? Janganlah berpura-pura