Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ultimate End/Beginning?

It finally ended.

6 years of primary school, 5 years of high school, 5 years of university.

Today marks the end of me calling myself a student again, for the time being. (I hope to further my study after a few years of work). No more exams, assignments, reports, projects and naggy lecturers! :P

and this will be the last post to be labelled as Uni Life. How sad.

Anyway, on a brighter tune, I shall now officially announce that I will be flying to the United States next week, for a 10 week internship period in a company based in Texas. The company has expanded its business to Penang. So this internship period will serve as an evaluation period to see if I will be qualified to work as a permanent in Penang.

Then I will officially be an electronic engineer. Woohoo! (and they say it will be the beginning of another endless journey....)

I should also not forget to introduce you guys my new toy:

People, meet Kae Vin's Nikon D90! ;)

Still in the process of learning how to use it. Hopefully can snap some real nice photo in the trip to Pulau Ketam tomoro.

This blog is finally revived!

So stay tuned! :D


stupid said...


JohnCoeinne said...

All the BEST!

cruSadER said...

Congrats bro...

So which company you're going to do internship with?

Kyflein said...

Yikes! US!!
I wanna go... >.<

calvin said...

Fuiyo, kaya sial!
Got people bought new toy already lor...
Flying to the States some more...

P/S: Don't forget my postcard, as usual lol!
P/S/S: JK only la... xD

P/S/S/S: Where in US, by the way?
P/S/S/S/S: All the best and happy getting fat with their hamburgers xD

kae vin said...




Thanks! :)


National Instruments.


Ride on your UFO and go! :P


Where got kaya. Planta got la.

and I do not need to spend a single cent to go to the states alright.


Texas. Didn't read my previous previous previous post a u.

and I'll be fitter. The company has got gym and swimming pool. woohoo!

Anonymous said...

all the best to you ya..

god bless you too.

take k !


Ming Wah & WeiWei said...

Congrats on your graduation ! All the best to your new career venture !
"I thank God everytime I remember you ! " !

kae vin said...

Thanks! :)