Sunday, May 30, 2010


Texas is actually located right next to Mexico. In fact, a huge part of the border between Mexico and US is actually stretched across Texas. and you wanna know how close is Texas to Mexico? It's so close that when I am sleeping on my bed, if I fall down to the right, I'll land on Texas but if I fall down on my left, I'll land on Mexico. That's how close it is.

and I hope you know that's a joke. lol.

So it's not a unusual scene to see a lot of Mexican and Spanish speaking people in Texas. Therefore It kind of creates a unique fusion of food sensation in Texas, which is widely known as Tex-Mex.

I have been to two restaurants selling Tex Mex and to be honest, I find the food just okay. A lot of beans and stuffs. Anyway, still haven't got the chance to try on authentic Mexican food yet. Heard that it's real good.

On the other night, we went to this restaurant known as Trudy's for some Tex-Mex.

Looking at the menus, I really had no idea how to order as the food were all names in Spanish.

After reading for a while, I've decided to order Quesadilla as it was the only thing that I could pronounce correctly. :P

and I found the name Quesadilla to be pretty elegant as well. :)

So this Quesadilla was something like capati with cheese, chicken and beans wrapped inside and some veges and sour cream topping off. It was quite filling as well. I had to box this up and it became my lunch for the next day. XD

I had no idea what it was. Just simply took the photo of the plate of the person next to me.

So was this one. As you might have already observed, Tex Mex always comes with beans, beans and more beans.

On the Friday evening, we got out for happy hour at Manuel's.


Say hi to Quesadilla again.

Some sourish fish with tomatoes.

Beans with sour cream on chips with green pepper.

and I love this beer. Tasted better with the frozen cup (and lime too). Yum.

Negra Modelo.

See I can speak Spanish. :P

31 May will be a public holiday in the US...It means outing and shopping ...So stay tuned for more....hehehe *smirk*


calvin said...

Yeahh!! First!!!
Why don't you Google the food names first before ordering?

❤ஐ~chOco~ஐ❤ said...

tex-mex = beans
haha =D

u ate the same dish twice for lunch?
it really taste good hmm?

wat is this mean?Negra Modelo

Niel said...

The first thing to be blogged about is food??!

They don't look very delicious to me. I'm guessing that soon you'll get jelak with them. XD

kykhor said...

Those are the real food - nutrition and taste wise. Chinese fast food that are all plain white flour decorated with little meat and bean sprout are not.

=chuan guan= said...

nice food..i am hungry!!!
dun forget my souvenir..:p

kae vin said...


lol! Didn't have internet la!


yeah! no la. Not the same time. It was two days after.

Taste not bad la. Wont say very very good ;)

Negra Modelo is the name of the beer. Didn't see the picture? XD


Anything wrong with that? :P

Well I am not eating them everyday so still ok. :)


Define 'real'. lol. and 'real food' indeed nurtures some 'real fat' people. XD

chuan guan:

what? Can't hear u? XD

❤ஐ~chOco~ஐ❤ said...

lolx...maybe my laptop dint finish load that photo...
nice post~