Friday, April 30, 2010

Patriotic Hikers

This post is specially written for all Malaysians and my non-facebook-friend readers. (as I have posted up these photo in my facebook a week ago :P)

You would have noticed it's Bukit Tabur again. The one I went earlier in February was Tabur East and this round it was the west side. This was the second time that I hiked the West side. The first time was in July 2008. They even celebrated my birthday up there.

I was asked to be the tour guide as all of them were first timers to Tabur West.

and the juniors said that was supposed to be a farewell with the seniors yet I had to prepare sandwiches for them. What kind of farewell was that? :P

Anyway, after a very tough hike (according to the juniors - I don't mean to show off but I felt nothing virtually :P), we finally reached the peak.

Magnificent isn't it?

The view was much better than the last time and we even found a subject of photograph - The Jalur Gemilang! XD

It was me waving the Jalur Gemilang on the peak of Tabur East!


This photo bears a very profound meaning - I can live with nothing but my country! XD

Then we walked to the edge of the peak, which was a very steep cliff that looked really scary. It was windy and a wrong step could lead to a disaster.

To tell you the truth, my feet were trembling when I was standing there taking this photo. I do not have acrophobia but still, my guts were melting. (Gonna try bungee jump one day before my guts get any smaller! XD)

The peak were full of soft and furry algae like these and I wondered if I could plant it in my room. It must be very comfy to sleep on a bed of them! XD

Once in a while, to hike up this kind of mountain helped broadening the mind and the soul. A nature lover like me would like to see this every morning.

The ground up on the peak were actually flat enough to put up a tent. Camping anyone? :P

After all, waking up with the sight of this, will be the awesome-est reason to fall asleep! :)


The usual spot for group photo. :)

This marvelous hill might be one of the reasons why is Malaysia one of the best countries in the world. This beautiful country can be so much better than what is it today if she is being managed properly.

There is only one thing needed to be changed in Malaysia. I guess you know what I meant. I believe that change is possible and it starts with us, the very new generation that is going to define and shape the future of Malaysia. It might not be ideal, it might be ugly, it might be tough but we really need to be the catalyst of transformation.

Are you game for it?


Niel said...

Register as a voter first, and convince others to do the same. Then vote.

Change shouldn't be too far away.

ibrahim said...

yeah register first ,if not young voters will not know the problems caused by PR .Its time Barisan reigns back

yekhong said...

opps u posted my naked photo, haha

will you be a politician one day? or come out some kind of robots to rule this country? this would be a better option than ruled by a murderer.

kae vin said...


Hope so.


lol Ibrahim Ali?

Yek Hong:

hahaha XD