Friday, April 23, 2010

My Future Restaurant

I know a lot of you have seen it on facebook but I insist on posting it in my blog too

If I were to open a restaurant serving laksa using this robot (of course a much improved version), would you patronize? XD


Niel said...

So this is the one you mentioned. =D

The song's light tune does not seem to reflect kl's face, you guys must have worked like Einstein!

good job! =)

calvin said...

The robot was doing some horny dance at 1:45!

Anyway, great job and well done!

Kenneath said...

For sure i wont patronize... i dont want it to pour laksa on my pants!!! :P
and i scared it will "coke" attack me some more.. @@

kykhor said...

After the marking should customize it into random attacking machine e.g. catapult a pumpkin pie across the table to somebody's face.

:) said...


kenwooi said...

hmm.. the vid seems unavailable? =)

kae vin said...


yeah. lol. Thanks


Thanks ;)




good idea. Should think about that


Perhaps it was the setting. I set it as Only Friends in facebook privacy setting. Changed it already. Try again?

~Live Life~ said...

Great one dude! Seems complicated (not engineer)...

Bon voyage to Texas yea! Blog and take plenty of photos!

Btw, how much did u get for your new toy? Any contact person? or discounts?

kae vin said...

Live Life:

lol you commented everything on a post.

I just went to Low Yat plaza and looked out for the best deal.

Thanks! :D