Sunday, April 18, 2010

For Your Pleasure

I really hope that FYP is an abbreviation of 'For Your Pleasure'. Anyway, this torturous Final Year Project has now come to the brink of its end and here I am, panting.

Just to post up some photos to give you some idea what I have been doing.

It's a robot running on wheels!

We spent days and nights, testing and debugging here.

Colour sensors. Proudly designed by Yours Truly :)

Trynna figure out what's wrong.

Micro controller board.

Messed up wiring. :P

It was me trying to tell the robot what to do.

and it responded by saying Japanese. XD

What a corpse. lol

It just feels great to be an electronic engineering student, despite all the skipped lunches, hair-pulling and keyboard banging moment :)


[I Live For This] said...

good piece.
looks complicated for me but i know its a high-end stuff...



Sharonne said...


Kyflein said...

Wow.. your FYP is a group project!
I wonder what your robot actually does... ;)
Can he teach me Japanese? XD

calvin said...

Why your robot kept saying "HORNY HORNY HORNY"?
Because that's what written in the Japanese characters! Is he that horny?

:) said...

@@ cool

kae vin said...

I live for this:

lol. It's pretty simple actually.

Thanks :)


Thanks :)


Well you can see it in the video ;P
Erm, I guess no, for the time being. :D


lol horny? Are you sure? Maybe he's really horny then. :P