Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Til the Fat Lady Sings

Finally I sat down and I decided to click on 'New Post' in the blogger dashboard.

One of the papers of my team's final year project was selected to be published in a conference in Singapore. At least one author has to present in the conference in Singapore in June. It would be a great honour and achievement if we are able to do a ass-kicking presentation. Anyway let's not contemplate so much as the completion of the project itself might be a problem. Anyhow, I really hope I can go despite of the numerous unforeseen uncertainties that might come in the way.

I hope I have more to tell you but I have to wait. Now I somehow understood the agony of being told to wait. Can't eat well, can't sleep well. I have to go swimming and jogging to release stress and make myself hungrier.

Anyway, it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Till then.

Let's end my post with a bowl of gastronomic curry noodle in Taman Sri Rampai pasar malam.

It helps me to gain my appetite back. :) (and makes life better XD)


yekhong said...

hei congrats to u as ur paper been accepted :)

monday or tuesday evening, we will have our routine swimming activity at KTAR, do inform me if u are interested. hehe

jijitankyy said...

Congrats to you..

And hopefully more to come later.

~Live Life~ said...

Congrats to you in your final project!

Gambatte ne!

Go go release stress...and blog oso can release stress bukan? haha...

Man, i haven't got my lunch yet...wrong decision to drop by your blog...=P

kae vin said...


thanks :) I went and you weren't there :P


Thanks :D

Live Life:

Thanks and since when you speaking japanese?

hahah. It's always advisable to eat before reading my blog XD