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Dragon's Backbone


Director: Kae Vin

KY ... KY

Evan ... Evan

Release Date:
20-12-2012 (Malaysia)

Adventure | Sci-Fi | Nature | Action

Let's go Hiking

The movie was shot on the hill known as Tabur Hill West, Kuala Lumpur. The director had once been to Bukit Tabur East and since then he fell in love with this magnificent hill located at the Capital of Malaysia.

He then gathered two prominent actors, KY and Evan to be his casts of the movie. KY was one of the director's hiking buddy during his trip to Mount Kinabalu, Sabah and also to the secret rescue mission in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Evan is an experienced hiker that had hiked Broga Hill together with the director before.

The Tabur Hill Ridge is rated the Longest Quartz-Rich Ridge in the world.

It is also a very ill-fated hill that had numerous casualties, the latest being the two casualties in year 2008.


Evan was a scientist that had won numerous awards in the academy and he made discoveries that progressed the technology of the world. However, he was discredited when he published a paper about the existence of Dragon. To rescue his reputation, he has to prove himself right by searching for evidence in an extremely risky ridge on an island that had creatures that existed nowhere else on earth. Thousand of scientists who went there for research and soldiers who were sent to protect them had been killed in a gruesome manner. Thus, the government issued a ban to the island.

Evan then recruited KY, the ultimate mercenary that did not do trade for money, but for the truth. If Evan could prove that Dragon is real, KY would do the escort for free but if he couldn't, he had to pay the price that would cost his life.

What they didn't know was a series of bizarre events that lied ahead......

Additional Details

Rated PG for fantasy action/violence involving scary images and situations, and for a smoking caterpillar.

Parents Guide:
View content advisory for parents

108 min


Manglish, Malay, Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien and English

USA:PG (certificate #45902) | South Korea:All | UK:PG | Ireland:PG | Finland:K-11 | Norway:11 | Malaysia: PG13

Filming Locations:
Bukit Tabur West, Kuala Lumpur.


Stock Photo:

The group photo of the director and the casts.

The scientist who believes the existence of Dragon and he wants to prove it.

The director and the cast were captivated by the beauty of the hill itself.


This is shot in Malaysia!

The mercenary and the scientist.

The director and the sunligh

The director did his homework too.

The graffiti says: 回头是岸 (hui tou shi an turn back before it's too late)

A wrong step could be fatal.

The orange-ish sun ray.

The crews hiked for hours to get to the peak.

and there were 11 peaks. The crew went up and down.

This was one of the rare creatures that was found on top of the hill.

The moss which were known as the Green Carpet. It made a comfortable bed but if you sleep on it, it could be forever....

The scientist's life was at stake...

Could the ultimate mercenary successfully protect the scientist?

The Making Of "Dragon's Backbone":

This is only the making of the movie. The trailer of the movie will be out very soon. (29 February 2010).

Honestly, this Tabur Hill will be one place that I miss in the future when I am no longer in KL. The view up there is breath-taking and you have to be up there to understand what I mean. This is one thing I like about KL. However, I think KL people do not know how to appreciate this. I mean, ask any local who grew up in KL if he knows the existence of this marvelous place? Not many will know I would say. Not to even mention if they have hiked it before.

For those who wanna go hike Tabur Hill, please make sure you are fit and healthy and have enough sleep. A minor slip will be fatal. That was the reason I didn't invite too many people to go.

I wish I can go there a few more times before I graduate. Who's with me?

ps-> Calvin, I said something good about KL! ;P


chiaohan said...

lidat lo..ffk me lo..sad nia..

~Live Life~ said...

Haha...29 February 2010! Kidding me?

Nice place...quite a tough hike i can see...will definitely give it a try someday...let me know when u are going there again!

anson said...

i just too appreciate your last sentence!!! :p

anson said...

a group of about 8 scientists (including the Marvelous Lim) went there before and almost discover the existence of Dragon!

end up the group went missing on the hill but thank God they back home without any injuries nor fatalities...

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Hey director
You still owe me my wage...


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Haha, wanna suan siao me la how? LOL!

Anyway, what's the song used in the trailer?
Send me if you have the MP3 version ;)

clueless said...

is ffk and tfk same?

kae vin said...


next time next time. sure got chance one! XD

live life:

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is it that appreciative? lol

lol you can totally start your own blog

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and the song is The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Go search in google.

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