Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's time to go home. :)

If I don't remember wrongly this is the very first time I posted a cover in my blog.

Cover for 稻香 (dao xiang) by Jay Chou.

Basically this is a country song and it's kinda a meaningful song.

The volume is kinda low. Turn it up :)

Have a splendid Chinese New Year and please drive safely. :)

ps-> specially dedicated to SNJ2009


calvin said...

If I were to be a girl, I would fall in love with you straight away.
But even though I'm a guy, I still fall in love with you already lol!!!

And please drive carefully on your way back too!

Kae Min said...

LoL ... video is quite nice, but can't stand with ur face expression and singing pattern so hiao ... wuakakakakaaaa

yekhong said...

agree with kae min that would be better if u changed ur "MTV" to maybe padi field, haha

nice play, i can be ur "合音天使" if u don mind hehe

:) said...

who is snj?

misconception said...

hi kae vin, how is the malay food n nibong tebal? do u know that the MALAy food there is historical too

smallprince8 said...

Nice song and you seemed to enjoyed=D

jijitankyy said...

thanks god give you this talent.

Happy Tiger year in advance man!

Kenneath said...

Happy CNY!!

Anonymous said...

haha, nothing can describe you...


if got chance, definately will introduce some gals to you..haha...

anyway, HAPPY CNY...stay happy and healthy always...

god bless you...

enjoy your holiday ya..

~StUPID guY~

kae vin said...


stop being so flirty and gay, especially in the public. ==

Thanks for your compliment anyway :)

Kae Min:

lol. Then don see. XD


change the mv to you would be better right? ==

and yeah if you know the second voice. XD

:) :

A group of people. :)


No I don't really know. Mind to share?


Thanks. :)


Thanks :)


lol am I that hard to describe? Sure sure. :) Thanks :D

calvin said...

Are you signaling me to do it in private?
Isn't that worse??!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that was pretty good, though i see it is pretty high-keyed. i dunno how ppl sing and play like that, and not get tongue tied. thanks for dedicating to us!keep on rockin'