Saturday, February 06, 2010

After Party

The Extreme Race was a success therefore we committee went for a scrumptious meal to celebrate it.

and since the Chinese New Year was around the corner, we went for 捞生 (lao sheng). I have a difficult time trying translate it into English and I came out with a few names:

stirring/mixing/scooping the raw....and they all sounded awkward.

Basically this is a Chinese New Year customary dish invented by the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore. The Chinese in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan don't do this. For more info you can click here.

So let me give you a lesson on how should you lao sheng

First, you get ready with all the necessary ingredients. (Go to the wiki page for the complete list).

Then, gather all your stupid friends or whosoever that wanna become filthy rich.

Everybody must wear black, white and red. XD lol I created this rule :P 

Mix all the ingredient together.

Take a photo of the yu sheng first

Get ready with the chopstick. By looking at this picture alone, can you tell how many of them hold the chopstick correctly? XD

and you scoop/mix/stir/chopstick the poor thing while shouting wishes/greets like 'Happy New Year', 'All Wishes Come True', 'Gong Xi Fa Cai', 'I love you', 'Happy Valentine's Day', 'May all prosperity flood your house' or whatsoever. I just went along with the crowd. lol.

So after you are happy with the process, you can start eating the yu sheng

After eating the yu sheng, it's time for some proper meal. 10 dishes omg.

Some more got this super huge deep fried fish head.  

and ah loong was such a desperado that he French-kissed the poor fish!! 

and we dirtied the table with some orange drinks. 

and I wish both of you love each other forever.

I know it's still a little early but let us get into the mood of the season faster. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day.

Have a prosperous Chinese New Year! :)


Kyflein said...

Wow.. you guys are HUGE eaters!!

Happy CNY in advance! =)
All the best to you in your FYP and graduating year ;)

kykhor said...

suggestion: chinese raw fish salad xD

you just reminded me, where's my lou shang this year?

stupid said...

:) happy CnYs

~Live Life~ said...

True enough...somethings just can't be recently thinking about a name..."meat bone tea" ...guess what kind of food? LOL!

Anyway...good reunion! good food! good fun!

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

Sarawakians dun "laosheng" too.. so not all Malaysian Chinese laosheng. Haha.. Happy CNY!

kae vin said...


yeah haha. Super huge. :)

Thanks! You too :) Happy CNY


yeah but how bout the lao word? :P

lol go find somebody and do it!


You too. Hope to see you during CNY.

Live Life:

lol! Meat Bone Tea is a good one! :)

Who said it's reunion? == it's a after party.


You sure about that? hmm~

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

yes.. i am sure tat most of East Malaysian especially Sarawakian do not lao seng. Haha.. =P U can ask any Sarawakian. ^^