Monday, January 25, 2010


The weather is extreme abnormal nowadays. I feel I am smouldering from the inside out. So much for global warming! Somebody please save the world!

Last week I got to watch a movie for free as friend won the free tickets from My FM. To celebrate the winning of the tickets, we went for Sushi ZanMai. It was costly but yet it was the best sushi I have ever eaten! That explains the queue during dinner time on an ordinary Wednesday.

Ikura and Tako sushi!! yum

Salmon with cheese....Paradisal combination~

Chawanmushi - A cup of smooth steamed egg with sliced mushroom, crab stick and suprisingly, a rather fresh shrimp inside. @@

Talking about the free movie I watched, Legion. It was a crappy movie you wouldn't wanna watch unless you like movie with people machine-gunned angel-possess zombie for 5 minutes and then another 20 minutes of sentimental pillow talk and the storyline isn't much surprising. Luckily I watched it for free.

On a heavier note, I have bumped into a few obstacles in the progress of my FYP. I burned a piece of board (and burned ~rm100, that's how fragile electronic stuffs are :<)and I'm gonna start all over again. Anyhow this time I start with more experience and I have to work extra hard. Please praise me for my proactive attitude. XD

Actually I got nothing in particular to blog about except for the complains of the hot weather. How I wish I can go to the uni shirtless lol! Anyway this coming week there'll be an event Extreme Race and 22 teams have already taken part. Bravo for the Askar Wataniah society! :)

and there might be a change for my intention to go for Askar Wataniah in May. I might be offered something much better. So let's just see how. :)

People, say hi to Ah Hau. :)

By the way please help me with the poll on your left hand side. Thanks :)


blue_jazz5471 said...

Sushi Zanmai...i ate before...nice nice...somebody treated me though...=)

So, who is this cute Ah Hao this time?

[I Live For This] said...

yummy yummy!!!!

Niel said...

Legion is crappy in its plot, but i thought i saw some values in it.. no?

the weather is crappy alright. =(

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

Yes to Sushi Zamai! I only ate at Sushi Zamai and nvr visited Sushi king! Haha.. will go there after i got my job ya with u n zhi chao.. long time i dun yamcha and hang out with u guys. Take care, buddy! All the best for ur fyp. ^^

Anonymous said...

i like ah hau more XD

kae vin said...


So nice. I also wan! :P

just another boy next door. XD

I Live For This:

Do you live for that too? :P


Challenging God's sovereignty is a broad topic to discuss. :)

and yeah the weather is definitely haywire!


Where got ppl eat at Sushi Zanmai first then only go Sushi King one? lol

Alright let's meet up if got time. :)


compared to? me? :p

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

Haha.. too bad tat my friends all brought me first to Sakae Sushi then Sushi Zamai.. then eversince i only go Sushi Zamai.. fell in love with Sushi Zamai. Ok.. will contact both of u. ^^

kae vin said...


Yeah, call me out. :)