Thursday, January 14, 2010


Nothing feels as good as stumbling into a scenic waterfall.

As a matter of fact, this waterfall is just located a few km away from Nibong Tebal.

I knew about its existence but in my beat-up memory, it was just a dry-up stream.

So the other day I saw this post on Niel's blog, and I decided to give it a go.

After all, it was just a 15 minutes drive away from home. Why not?

We didn't stop at the first waterfall we saw, we hiked up instead

Then we were amazed by this.

I should have brought my shokubutsu along. XD

It was 12 in the noon, but all I felt was cool, refreshed and serene.

One of the reasons that made me feel so good was the rainbows all around me.

I saw rainbows literally everywhere. 

Looking back

Looking up

Looking down

Tell me, what feels better than immersing yourself in the cooling waterfall on a sunny day so hot that it bakes you?

Of course there's always a price to pay but I don't really mind. Leeches help a lot with blood circulation XD

FYI, I wasn't aware that there were leeches on my feet when I took this photo. I only found out when I browsed my photo later on. :)

Some green algae on the dried tree trunk. This photo makes me love green even more :)

The water was hard on me!!

But I remained still and it felt like a really good massage :)

I wasn't aware when this photo was taken. I don't really recall what I was thinking at that moment but for sure, it was something philosophic and deep. :P

Nature is good to enjoy but only for those who are aware. There was this dent downstream and we poked a two meter long stick down and it couldn't reach the bottom. Somebody put a dried tree trunk there for a good cause. From the length of the tree trunk I did a little bit of trigonometric and I think the depth was more than 3 metres, which means it can easily have a swirl pool down under. 

For waterfall lovers, it's always good to test out the depth of the water by observing the colour before you dive. Most people that died in waterfalls are trapped by swirl pool. 

Last but not a least, a video of me exploring further upstream.

Please don't try this at home. The lion doesn't always sleep. XD

and I found out that we could have hiked further and there was better view up there.

This is so going to be something that I'm gonna do everyday when I'm home. So, who's with me now? :)


calvin said...

Water is definitely not my strongest point >.<

joe wee said...

like the view, but not the actual going in the water :P

kaemin said...

I went there be4 several times
by cycling ~.~

and there is a strong advice here, "waterfall is VERY dangerous"

kaemin said...

I wrote this comment after I watch the video u've posted ....
that is freaking dangerous !!!
what if u jz slip and fall along with the water ?
that costs ur life
I don't mean to spoil ur playing mood
but 3 of my friends died of this

Niel said...

Lol. See i told you that video's dangerous. haha.

I planned to climb that too when i go thr nx time. credits to me for the video? =p

淑君 said...


stupid said...


Kenneath said...

after i saw the video, i only got few words for u:

u are out of ur mind... -_-"

anson said...

i decided to watch the video only after i read those comments posted...

and yes! if you still think that you life is cheap, then go to do that again...

thank God you can still smiling when reading this post...

Jacob said...

Erm, I can't try this at home coz it's in NT. lol=p But as my comment in ur FB's says, COUNT ME IN! lol=D
Call me when ur heading there again:)

kykhor said...

People who know water well never take risk messing with it.

No, I don't plan to watch that video.

kae vin said...

it looks like i have to reply this quick before it gets too heat up.

Basically I have no need to explain myself. I know how to treasure myself and I can assure that the video is not attention seeking. It's just for fun.

Perhaps it looked pretty blurry in the video and the sudden slip scared you but I can assure you guys that it wasn't as dangerous as it seems to be.

You'll know that if you were there. I felt scared too. Not when I was climbing the waterfall. It was when I looked at the deep dent downstream. I didn't even dare to go near.

So chill people. I know what I am doing.

kykhor said...

OK good boy kaevin. don't make uncle aunty worry ya.... xD

kae vin said...


coz u don go swimming 2km nonstop twice a week. :)


hahah. scared of leeches a?

kae min:

You have to trust me la. I treasure my life a lot too. Too much i haven't accomplished. =.=


Thanks to you now the fire is burning my ass. hahah just kidding la.

Anyway thank you for the video :)


The point of the video is to tell that there're even more waterfalls upstream and we can go hike there somemore next time but of course using another route. :)


yeah! ;)


Trust me. It wasn't dangerous at all. It was like climbing a staircase.


eh don't say until I trash life alright =.= I love life!


Let's go :)

You in BM now?


Climbing the temple in Siem Reap was much more dangerous than that. ==

Sherril 雪乐 said...

but i still feel that it's so dangerous!!!

~Live Life~ said...

Haha...not going to pour u cold water...coz if i were you, there is a high possibility i will do the same thing...><!!!

Anyway, by reading some comments above serve as a very good reminder for me to be MORE careful and treasure my life MORE...haha...(not saying I'm not)

Anyway, the song thought you are tarzan??

jijitankyy said...

After see the Kampar incident.
I have no fate with waterfall now ..

Scary leh.

kaemin said...

ya lar I noe lar ...
jz tat ...
my friend jing xing told me the same thing...
I think I hav become more kia si when it comes to having fun in nature especially places like waterfall n mountain... I realise that life can vanish within a blink of eyes if u unintentionally make a wrong decision or mistake ...
so, it's basically not abt teasuring life or nt.. it's abt putting urself at risk ...

donno lar ... sometimes kia si ppl die earlier ... lol

kae vin said...


Don't worry la. I still can dabao laksa for you :P

Live Life:

Lol i know you would! ;P and
The song is fun ma.


haha. have to be extra careful lo.

kae min:

kia si people will treasure their lives better. ;p

Anonymous said...

may i know where's the waterfall located at?