Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After three months of procrastinating and slacking off, my final semester of university is gonna kick off in a week's time.

I guess I am gonna handle this final 4 months of my campus life with extra care, treasuring every second of it.

That asides, I had a nightmare yesterday of me attending the exam of a subject which I have never studied before and thus flunked like nobody's business.

I woke up with the feeling that luckily it was just a dream. However when I thought tru it, I felt like this dream reflected how I felt about my future. I think I am not competent enough to step out in the society. I am afraid that I might just fail and drop out.

After all, it would be my first time graduating from a university. :P So it's better to have stress than to have none.

I guess all my same batch uni-mates of me are experiencing the same feeling too. (or I am the only one?? XD) So people, I am wishing you guys all the luck in the world! and stop reading my blog and get back to your final year project! XD

Enough of this rant. I promise I wont be writing things like this again until my finale exams are over. So stay tuned and more exciting posts are coming!!

and here are some totally random photos which are totally unrelated to this post but I feel like posting them anyway. :P

Ampang lookout point

Ten-year friend. Gosh I am old~! 

Chilling out in Genting

Starbucks spokespersons XD

Famous Amos

Don't you feel like grinning too? :)

(Sorry ya mummy, use your son's portrait without your permission :P)

and I seriously hope that I can see it on your face :)


yekhong said...

wow that baby is so cute! haha
ya extra care with the rest of 4 months in uni. don't forget our old routine that swimming once a week hehe.

jean said...


淑君 said...


~Live Life~ said...

Good luck in your final sem ya! I also need to feel some pressure already..hehe...

Cute la Famous Amos!

kenwooi said...

i've never been to look out point.. wanna visit one day!
and i love being at genting.. haha.. coool over there!
and all the best in your final sem =)


calvin said...

See, both of us got 縁 lah.
Just last night I had a dream, although not a nightmare like yours xD

kykhor said...


Hi Amos :)

Kenneath said...

I had exactly the same dream as u did! It was few months ago... I had a paper and I was totally blank, felt that i'm gonna fail it. It feels awful and terrible... Will that become "a dream come true"? Let's hope not... haha...

Gonna start our last trimester soon and it will end pretty soon.. XD
Good luck everyone!

stupid said...


kae vin said...


yeah. cuter than u! XD

and yes definitely not gonna miss the weekly swimming thing. Let's start next week!




整天只会骚扰人 ==

live life:

hahah. yeah! All the best to us!

Cute lei?


yeah you should.

Genting is much cooler nowadays. XD

and thank you :)


Amos doesn't like people who 落井下石 ==


Again, all the best to us!




what's the....all the links....=.=

+_c said...

no prob, thank you for promoting my son(bcoming more 'famous') haha!

thanks for loving Amos, indeed.
All the best for whatever that you're planning to do ahead!

Hi kyKhor su su!