Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Visit

My trip to Guang Zhou wasn't exactly a 'traveling' nor 'vacation' trip. It was more like an escort. Well, if you remember, I wrote something in the beginning of the year about how the parent of my mum sailed all the way from China to Malaya after World War II.

My mum was born natively in Penang but her eldest sister wasn't. She was born in mainland China and she was left there to be the guardian of my grandfather's properties in the island of Hai Nan.

Anyhow, life got so tough in that poor island, she then moved to Guang Zhou with her son and husband.

So when my mum asked me if I were interested to follow her to Guang Zhou to visit my aunt and my cousin, I curiously agreed. I was intrigued to meet someone who is bloodily blood-related to me, yet I have never seen for life. She booked the air ticket and so be it. Together with my other 2 aunts from Malaysia, it made us a group of four.

I'll skip the story of what happened in the airport. In fact I have made a couple of really cool new friends. (That's what happens when you are out with your mum and aunts. You need to find someone to talk to! XD)

The plane touched down the Guang Zhou Bai Yun Airport at around 830pm, exactly the estimated arrival time. (Thumbs up for Airasia. I have flown 6 times with it and it was always on time. The longest delay I experienced was 15 minutes)

We were soon greeted at the exit of the airport.

From the left, me, my China aunt, my two aunts from Malaysia and my mum

Then we were taken to a restaurant nearby our hotel and had a really huge meal.

By the way, the Chinese (To avoid confusion, I'll refer to the Chinese people in Mainland China as the Chinese and people like me, as Malaysian Chinese XD) has a custom of eating eggs when people are reunited after a long separation.

I guess it's because the egg is round and thus brings the meaning of reunion which is tuan yuan (团圆).

and I was greeted by this poor little thing on my way in to the restaurant.

I would say 11 out of 10 Chinese men smoke. They smoke before the meal, during the meal and after the meal, right on the table itself. Well I guess smoking has become part of the culture?
From left: my uncle and my cousin's friend (who drove his van and picked us up at the airport)

From left: my cousin's friend and my cousin. (yeah he is about 14 years older than me XD)

Lo and behold, the first meal we had in China~!

干炒河 Dried fried river Fried vermicelli is the closest translation I could get and this is a really common food in Malaysia as well. XD

Watercress with century eggs.

Cute little crabs known as Chinese Mitten Crab. 大闸蟹. It's a kind of fresh-water crab so I don't really like the taste.

A kind of shellfish. 

This was a kind of protected species of fish in China. However it was legal to eat the bred one. 

I couldn't tell what was this either.

and this one was really something exotic. It was chicken + the poor crocky we saw on the way in.

But I ate it anyway, and it tasted like chicken, only softer and smoother. :P 

More posts on exotic food are coming. :)


~Live Life~ said...

It's rare for me to be the first to comment...=P

Great reunion trip! I have always asked my dad and late grandpa about my long lost relatives in China...but to no avail...

It's good that at least you all could get the opportunity to meet each other again after so many years...

The food, to be frank, doesn't look too appealing to me...especially the protected's just like a pile of! It tastes good? Who knows?

Waiting for more stories! =)

anson said...


calvin said...

@ Bluejazz: That's because I'm often the first one to spam his comment box xD

I felt some deja vu here, because I did a similar thing when I was back home last summer. I tried to track down my roots by asking both of my grandma about their parents and grandparents. Somehow, I am just curious to find out about them, their history, etc.

You can call me kpc also-lah xD

Anonymous said...

i miss ur penang food posts

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kae vin said...

~live life~

well, sometimes we just lost it. Like on my dad side, totally no clue as well :)

and the food was soso la. The fish tasted like mud coz it was fresh water fish.

We Penangites are so pampered with fresh juicy sea water fish already. XD


Why leh?


now you know.

and you can go back to Sri Lanka ma. XD


Don't comment the wrong thing at the wrong time la. ==


Not the first time anyway.

calvin said...

Haha, you still remember my history lol!