Monday, December 14, 2009

Root Search

Asian, especially Chinese, emphasizes a lot on 'root', which is the bloodline or ancestries.

That's why on the third day in Guang Zhou, we flew one and a half hour to Hai Nan island to visit the old house where my grandpa grew up.

It was located at a very remote village and it took us almost four hours from San Ya.

I virtually felt nothing during the trip as I was not emotional attached to any of this place. But to my mum and my aunts, it was the place where their father grew up and they had heard a lot about it at a very young age.

They were so emotional that they shed tears when they reached there.

It would long-winded to describe everything in details so I made a short video of the journey.

Enjoy :)


anson said...

nice video!

kaemin said...

cool ! ! !
I should have followed if I am nt in exam ... haha

o.O mama at 1:59 ... LoL

~Live Life~ said...

tat was cool!

珍惜一切就算没有拥有 true! appreciate that...

That day I asked about my roots...but we have lost track of our ancestors back in China...i guess...

calvin said...


I know everyone has been using the same word, but to be able to track down your roots is something really exciting to me. Only if I could do that. Maybe I should, by going back to Sri Lanka one day hahaha!

By the way, you looked so awkward among them all. So obvious you are a city boy when you are compared to the grandmas and aunties, although you are not living in a city in Malaysia. As we know, NT can be considered quite an ulu place by Malaysian standard xD

淑君 said...


kae vin said...


thank you. haha. ya the kampung people there all fire up firecrackers to welcome people.
What la. You know the chicken was real hard to bite? XD


yaya you should.

I caught a few video of mama stumbling. Go home show u. XD

Live Life:

Yeah. :)

Well, I guess sometimes it was just hard.

Perhaps you should leave a trace so that your future generation can track u back. XD


lol you should go sri lanka.

It was not that I was a city or what. It was just that I couldn't speak in the dialect of Hainanese. It was even harder to understand the Hainanese with the Chinese accent.

Shu Jun:



calvin said...

Aiyo, you always mention Sri Lanka, later people think I am a dark Sinhalese boy la lol!

:) said...

"later people think I am a dark Sinhalese boy la lol!" but ur profile pic can see wat , so why pple want to assume u like tat ? -.-

Anonymous said...

the muslim food was good izzit?

calvin said...

@ :)

Not trying to be racist here, but it is just a joke.
Take it easy dude.

=chuan guan= said...
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:) said...

im not saying u racist things la, but wonder why u so worry abt color

calvin said...

Like I said, it was just a joke and it was never my intention to take the "colour" factor so seriously. I guess we should put this topic to rest.


Eliz said...

touching video~ good job ! Hope I can find out my root too~ but dont know where to start ~ hahaha ~ nvm will know when I meet God ^^