Thursday, December 31, 2009


A gazillion years ago, the blog header used to look like this

When the blog background colour was still black

Then it became this not long after.

and I decided to give my blog a new name and I changed the background into white. So this was how the new header looked like

Then my photoshop skill got better and the header become this

It was year 2007.

It remained the header for 2 years until I changed it last year to this

and now, in the last day of 2009, I decided to reinvent myself, thus reinvent my blog. :)

You see, there are sure a lot of happenings in 2009. I have traveled to four countries in a row and I experienced this, experienced that. I met a lot of people and I have been to a lot of places doing a lot of stuffs.

But none of them really mattered.

I think 2009 is one of the year that I should always remember as a milestone because in this year alone, I got to know myself better. I listened to my own voice more than I ever did.

and I understand myself better. I know the foundation of my every behaviour, motive, intention and action.

At the end of the day, I am certain about my future.

and I did a little bit of analysis to myself, trying to dissect a little bit of here and there and I tried to figure out a phrase to represent myself to be the blog new name and this sentence just sparked across my mind:

Never a good audience.

It explained why I like to get involved in things that I saw. I like to be involved and I like to be known. I am not satisfied with being a quiet and good audience like everybody else.

I wanna to feel my own existence and I don't wanna be a nameless nobody.

and I have come out with this new header. Perhaps not any nicer than the 2007 one(Yes I still like that one most) but still, something new and colourful for 2010 alright.

Happy New Year and we are now one year closer to doomsday. :)

and say hello to my official FINAL year for my studies. XD


Chen said...

Perhaps u are the best audience of yourself. U listening to your voice of heart all the time and in turn u are so clear about who u are and the life u want. i think you are creating new Kae Vin everyday through absorbing knowledges and thinking more deeper everyday:) Have a great year ahead!

calvin said...

Wow, I think this is certainly a refreshing header than all the previous ones. Personally, I like this one the most.

Happy New Year 2010!
Have a wonderful year ahead :)

~Live Life~ said...

We are not meant to be just audience in our life...Life is like a stage...Be a great actor, give your best performance, and win the applause from the crowd!

Break a leg!

Alfred Toh said...

I like your new header!
Too bad Im noob in PS. >.<

kaemin said...

this 1 is obviously the best !
happy new year !

kae vin said...


thanks for your meaningful comment. Really made me ponder for a while.

Perhaps let me know who are you? :)


haha. Really? Glad to hear that and thanks!

yeah u too!

Live Life:

You're right. :)

and whose leg are we gonna break? :P


hey thanks. PS is not hard actually :)

Kae Min:

Thank you. Happy New Year too :)

seejayel said...

I remember the first and third header!! Gosh, it's been sooo long! How are you? :) Happy New Year! Cheers.

† Thomas † said...

wow.. this is the best header yet =)
keep it up bro! more to come from you in 2010!

kae vin said...


oh behold my master in blogosphere. You're finally back! XD

and yeah you still remembered! haha


Thanks. :) Don worry. I will try my best not to disappoint you :)

Sherril 雪乐 said...

somehow i like the previous and this new header. so, fully utilize your final semester ya! all the best in 2010!! take care ^^

kae vin said...


Thanks! :)

and yes I will!