Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Great fireWall of China

Hello from Guang Zhou.

I didn't know that facebook, blogger, blogspot, twitter, youtube and wikimapia are all BLOCKED in China beforehand.

I was delighted that the hotel that I stayed provided me with internet so I thought I could do some live update.

Apparently I was so wrong. All the bookmarks in my browser are not accessible in this land. I tried to access through some other proxies but to no avail and I didn't really know exactly what software works so I gave up.

Anyway, I just got back to Guang Zhou from Hai Nan island this morning. Actually I didn't expect myself to go there but I went anyhow. Currently typing from the computer of a Malaysian friend who is studying in Guang Zhou. (guess who, KY? XD)

Will blog in details soon. Catch up soon alright? ;)

A random alley in Guang Zhou

ps->Screw them for causing me to lose 1.3 billion of readers. :(


~Live Life~ said...

Congrats for breaching the great firewall of you are in the MOST WANTED list by China...muahaha!

Rhuyann said...

really? how do they connect themselves with the outside world?

寻找自己 said...

but they able to come out with their own version of facebook,twitter,im client...honestly,some of these are even better than the genuine facebook,twitter

=chuan guan= said... did u manage to sneak out of da firewall?

Anonymous said...

u look so tired

kykhor said...

Don't you feel bored asking me to guess something again? because I always get them right lol...

Chamberlain Jun Ning lo...

kae vin said...

Live Life:

lol~ I am now back in Malaysia. :P


I guess they don't. :)


I think the point is not that they have their own better version of not. The point is, they are Not allowed to connect with the outsiders. :)

=chuan guan=:

Some proxy software.


Did I? XD


lol~ Pandai nia.