Friday, December 18, 2009

Day Out in Guang Zhou

I was caught red-handed when I posted that I was going to Guang Zhou in facebook. She furiously nudged me and asked me why didn't I tell her.

Well, simply because I had forgotten that she is in Guang Zhou. (haha sorry ya ning :P)

Guang Zhou

So I promised her that I would call her and pay her a visit when I reached Guang Zhou. Well, I did and she brought me around the town.

So I took a cab to her place once I got back from Hai Nan island.

and we went out for some Muslim street food. (Am I not getting enough of them in Malaysia? XD)

and the portion of the lamb noodle was bloody FOUR times of the size in Malaysia.

and I finished it!!! Can you believe it? haha?

I followed her to the church cell group in the night and the worship in the next morning as it was a Sunday.

Ji Nan University

and it turned out that she wasn't really familiar with Guang Zhou although she started attending JiNan University 3 years ago. =.=

She started scratching her head when she asked me where I wanted to go and I said 'Anywhere that allows me to camwhore and the photo should look China'.  (as I had to catch my plane back to Malaysia on the next day already)  

So she called up so reinforcement. XD

Right after the church service, we took a bus and got down at Zhong Shan University.

Took a photo with the statue of Sun Zhong Shan. No idea who he is? Pretty sure you're a banana or tembikai, or non-chinese. XD

Her friend then brought us to a restaurant nearby which used to be the office of Sun Zhong Shan's personal secretary. It was then modified into a coffee house. (which is rare in Guang Zhou! People there just don't drink coffee!)

Joyman Coffee House

Turned out that it was quite a cozy place to hang out and you must be wondering what the hell, eating in western restaurant in China?

Well, the five days with my relatives was just torturing as my stomach was stuffed with an awful lot of food after every meal. So I was hoping for something, erm lighter.

and it's hard to find coffee in Guang Zhou. People just don't drink it in Guang Zhou. =.=

After an hour or two in the coffee house, we moved on.

The next destination was an underground shopping complex.

Amazingly, there were 6 floors in this underground building and the air ventilation inside was pretty good actually! At least I didn't feel suffocated.

and I bought a pair of jeans. The price can go down to 50 renminbi per pair. Insanely cheap! :P

We then took the subway to the camwhoring spot, which happened to be a metropolitan park in Guang Zhou. There were a lot of Guang Zhou landmarks in this park thus it kinda fulfilled my requirment.

Yue Xiu Park. 

This was a Korean Village. =.=

This was a candid shot but I liked it :)

Some lake inside the park.

So this was ancient porno? XD

The Chinese Santa Claus perhaps? XD

The Five Goat statue of Guang Zhou as Guang Zhou is known as the 'Goat City' (Yang Cheng).

Another angle of the statue

There was this stall right beside the statue selling all kinds of souvenir. I walked there and saw some postcards so I flipped through them. I was showing my interest to buy it already as I have a habit of sending postcards in each country I go.

"Hey you, if you wanna buy just buy it! Don't flip! You are making a mess!"
the evil lady at the stall yelled at me.

I stared at her. Speechless. What kind of attitude was that? I gave her some disgusting look and continued flipping. It was the only stall I came across with postcards so I had no choice but to buy it.

I guess the Chinese doesn't have the subject pendidikan moral huh?

The museum. This building was built in the Ming Dynasty, 14th century. 

It was about 5 and the skies were getting dark at 6. I had to rush back to my relatives' place as my aunt had cooked the last dinner for us.

Anyway, it was a fruitful day.


Niel said...

'course it was fruitful, 2 girls all to your own the whole day. haha.

pendidikan moral doesnt cultivate better people also...

anson said...

your last pic is very cool...

=chuan guan= said...

y u keep hugging da gals 1

ds said...

im sure the muslim food was good :P

ds said...

oh ya btw , was it cheap?

calvin said...

Chinese people, normal la, lack politeness one.
It would fit me perfectly to stay in GZ as I don't drink coffee xD
And yes, I am a banana coz I dunno who the heck is that lol!

hi said...

ka e vin , u look fatter la , why ?

wolv said...

imagination johor nonsense when there is nothing at all , no problem at all , alkl , all today imagine nonsense

jijitankyy said...

The lamb noodle really more than enough.
Mayb for them is small portion only ><

[I Live For This] said...

so fun mia...
owez go travel...

kae vin said...



lol better than nothing right?


y? :P

chuan guan:

Take photo ma.


Quite okay. It was 12RMB.


So you're a banana who doesn't drink coffee. ==


Coz I ate alot :P


You just wasted 1 minute of my life. ==


ya. Coz they work a lot, in terms of physical.

I live for this:

:P hahah. You can if you want :P

~Live Life~ said...

Oh...looking back some "old" entries after separated from the virtual world for a few days...

Anyway, nice trip...=)