Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Broga Hill

When I first saw Broga Hill, I thought it was somewhere I need to take a plane to get to.

Then I did a lookup online and I found that it was just 40kms away from my place in KL.

and I made a promise to myself that one day I'm gonna go there.

I started to invite people to go with me before my trip to Hong Kong.

But I procrastinated until one day, I decided to go there two days after and voila, here we are on the top of the hill! XD

and guess what, there were 12 of us, each of us had got a digital camera and three of them were DSLR (all Nikon fans. lol)

So the photo that you are about to see, were courtesy of ah Seng, Vinc, Smith dll. (dan lain-lain) XD

Broga Hill is one of the very rare hill in Malaysia that is full of grass. As we all know, Malaysia is a tropical country that is full of tropical rain forest. So as we were hiking, we speculated a few theories:

1. The soil on Broga Hill was different.
2. The strategic geographical location of Broga which causes the wind to blow 24-7 and thus bringing all the seeds.
3. 10 billion years ago there was a dinosaur shitting on that particular spot causing the grass to grow.

Whatever it is, I strongly recommend anyone who is doing agriculture research to investigate and publish a paper about it. XD

We got there at about 4am and it took us only an hour to get to the top. and we waited bloody 2 hours for the sunrise and guess what, it was too cloudy to have any sunrise. :(

Anyway it was a very enjoyable and windy wait. :)

Taking group photo. See I was shorter than the bloody weeds. :(

The group shots~

The big bully and the cry baby

Kae Vin *likes* this XD

Me and ah seng, one of the Nikon D90 holder, taken by another D90 holder. XD 

I lost my way XD

How scenic!

Picturesque is another word for it

So we jumped!

Don't you feel like going there too? :)
By the way, Merry Christmas. :D

ps-> gonna check the weather forecast and go there again on a sunny day! For more photo, kindly view my facebook album :)!


yekhong said...

sad u didnt ask me to go along TT

so according to ur theory, the broga hill is actually shits of dinosaur?

~Live Life~ said...

Nice pics too...

Too bad, went there so early din see sunrise...

And I sensed a lot of "blood" lately...wakaka!

Eng Song Keat said...

Looks like everyone loves broga hill!
Great effort to get there so early! Next stop should try out Mt. Kinabalu! Takes bloddy 2 days to finish the hiking!

kykhor said...

i suppose u were talking about nikon erhem... 'D'90 erhem...

Kyflein said...

been talked into climbing hills lately... guess I shd try this one too! =)

alan tan said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

calvin said...

You sure the weather forecast in Malaysia is reliable?


Merry Christmas! :)

jijitankyy said...

Do we need tourguide to reach ther?

kykhor said...

There's no sunrise at Broga. The sun is blocked by another hill.

kae vin said...

yek hong:

I didn't know you were in Setapak. Thought you went back to JB. LO

not my theory, it's Shawn's XD

Live Life:

yeah but it was another kind of beauty I guess.

What blood? =_=

Song Keat:

yeah! Love it.

and I had already climbed mountain KK 2 years ago. Check the links on the left. :)


Corrected it. :P Well, at least some yellowish golden sunlight.


yeah you definitely should!

alan tan:

yeah thanks for inviting! :)


Well, at least better than none right?


Nope. In fact there's no tour guide. But if you wanna hire me I'll consider la.

The price is to take nice nice pictures of me. XD

Ken said...

Broga Hill is a great place for photographing. On the top, can see sunrise or sunset?

Breath-taking pics, btw.
Nikon-ians rule!!

kae vin said...


yeah it's a perfect spot for photography.

and can see sunrise but I am not sure about sunset. :)

Thanks for dropping by. :)