Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Rescue


The following materials that you are reading contains classified information and images that you can only access with higher level clearance. Please refrain from proceeding if you do not have clearance.

The truth is, our trip to Hong Kong was nothing but a rescue mission in disguise. The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China was alarmed by a series of events that a lot celebrities was missing.

Thus five cream of the crop special agents were chosen and was sent to Hong Kong to find out what was happening and rescue them.After some profound investigation among the locals, we found out what was actually happening. An evil witch with the evil name of Madame Marie Tussauds lured the celebrities and turned them into statues. 

This was our first time encountering such supernatural event. Thus we called up Sam and Dean Winchester to consult what should we do. They told us that this was a first level witchcraft spell and could be removed by exposing the statues to ultra-bright flash lights which means we just needed to point and shoot using our Olympus!

The journey started at the entrance of Central-Mid-levels escalators, which is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. See the people around? They were actually the watchdogs of the evil witch.

We could have used the chopper to reach the castle located at the hilltop but in order to not arouse any suspicion, we chose to take the tram like any other tourists.

However, when we got up there, we nearly forgot our mission because of the magnificent view. We tested our equipments with some shots on the hilltop.

Although we were professionally trained but somehow or rather we were Malaysian-made product, so you don't expect too much la. XD

The silhouette of five special agents 

Before the sun set.

After the sun set.

The view was truly gorgeous that it was one of the prettiest city landscape that I had ever seen in my life. From the top of the hill, the skyscrapers shrunk to a size that as if I could hold it in my palm.

After staring at the view long enough, we suddenly remembered there was a mission to accomplish. So without wasting anymore time, we proceeded with extreme caution.

The first one to rescue was Jackie Chan, simply because he could give us a helping hand by combatting the bad guys.

Then we proceeded with Datin Michelle Yeoh. Not only because she is a Malaysian, she could do some ass-kickings as well! 

Next was Nicole Kidman because she was sexy enough to lure away all the bad guys.

Bradpit was a pretty good helper also.

We saved Cecilia Cheung because she was pretty and we wanted to find out what happened between she and Edison Chan. XD See Jay Chou on the right? Nobody bothered about him. XD

The spelled cast on Ayumi was a little bit special. It could only be broken with a kiss. So I got no choice but to sacrifice myself. :P

Don't be shocked but she was not dead. This is the proof. :)

Our technology would be advancing faster thanks to our rescue. He was interested in taking part in the research of the next generation iphone. XD

In the middle of rescuing, I was turned into a potrait by the evil witch too! Fortunately my comrades pulled me out before it was too late!

The Obama you saw lately was actually the surrogate of the real person. Anyway he took the flight back to Washington immediately after he was unfrozen.

Lin Chi-Ling was trapped there too.

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan actually made a good fighting duo.

LA Galaxy paid us USD1000000000 after we rescued Beckham. Now we are super billionaire already!

After we unfroze Yao Ming, I played a friendly match with him and lost terribly. (Of course :P)

It scared me :P

We had a singalong session after the thing was over together with the Beatles!

Screw the conspiracy. He was drop-dead alive! XD

Anita Mui was alive too! She even hit me with her stick!

Last but not least, Teresa Teng! My mum would thank me for setting her free! 

After the mission was accomplished, we took a photo together in front of the marvelous city night view!

Nobody really knew what happened. Nothing seemed to change but now the celebrities walked free thanks to the five special agents!

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China was so stingy we were only awarded with porridge and vege at Mong Kok. :( 

Anyway the porridge was nice!

On the way back, we rewarded ourselves with some mango smoothies. Seems nice huh~!

We called it a day and got back to rest.

I hope you enjoy the Malaysian type of heroism. :)


Niel said...

Lol. Really neat wax statutes. But not so neat story line. haha!

calvin said...

Similar trick copied from your Cambodia trip eh?
Anyway, just wondering why you t-shirt changed from blue to orange on top of the hill?
Lighting effect?

And what is the greyish thingy in the porridge? Some pig organs?

shawn kL said...

most probably he did something on the train and wear the wrong cloth.

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic rescue..
Super hero from malaysia...
You win ....
next time may be we can hold a superman campaign in new york so ask you go there for have a try.

kae vin said...




Dont say copy. I come out on my own k?

and that was a colour-changing tshirt I bought in Hong Kong. It changes its colour according to the surrounding temperature. Cool huh?

shawn kL:

Did what? Wrong what? =_=

and again, not TRAIN, it's MTR XD


Yeah. Only if airasia is flying to New York (I am a non-flyable superhero :P)

calvin said...

Woah you serious?
If you are, then it is really cool!!

kae vin said...

lol I felt bad that you actually bought into my craps. :P

it was me wearing an additional tshirt coz it was cold uphill la~

calvin said...

I knew you were, but I was just testing you xD

kae vin said...


cheh. Buat pandai~ :P

anson said...

"See Jay Chou on the right? Nobody bothered about him. XD"
lol... i bet someone would be mad to read that... :p

wow... you know LA Galaxy?? helped by google again? :p

they have ICAC... could only reward you guys with some kind of limit...

kae vin said...

who who? XD

haha yeah helped by google. But I did know that he joined some kind of weirdo american soccer team as he wanted to take care of his babies. Right?

lol~ nevermind. LA Galaxy in US! not HK~! XD

anson said...

take care of his babies? i thought he went there for $$$...

kae vin said...


lol how could US soccer club pay higher than English or Romania?

and I believe he's rich enough to rule out money as a factor. lol~!