Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pearl of Orient

Hong Kong was one of the countries that I first knew at a very young age, probably 2 or 3 years old. Simply because of the TV series that my mum always watched. We all grew up watching Hong Kong series aren't we? :)

When airasia offered its jaw-dropping two-way air fare of RM158 to Hong Kong, I bought the ticket right away without giving it a second thought.

and honestly, I didn't regret it for everything I touched and saw and heard there, I felt I like I was in the tv box, like I was living in the Hong Kong drama. I felt so surreal. The people, the street, the view, the language, the food, the taxi.....they were so deja-vu.

The plane touched down Hong Kong International Airport after four hours of flight at 10am, 10 minutes earlier than the estimated arriving time.

I was alone because my friends were in a later flight. When we booked the air ticket we opted for the zero fare tickets so we got no choice because my flight was out of free seats.

I boarded the airport express to the city centre and took the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) to the guest house that I had booked, Yes Inn located at Fortress Hill on the Hong Kong island.

After I checked in the room and placed my luggage, I started my own journey of exploring Hong Kong via the MTR. I traveled from one end to the other end as the Octopus Card (similar to Touch n Go in Malaysia) I bought was special tourist 3 day unlimited pass. Meaning I did not need to pay a single cent no matter how much I traveled.

I walked around following the map. This Wong Tai Sin temple was one of my many stops.

Then I went to Mong Kok and walked around the Hong Kong street.

and guess what? I bumped into the TVB shooting lol! How lucky for me to bump into them in day 1? I was really in the TV series then! XD

Do you know who they are?

Don't worry if you don't. I couldn't name them either :P

The second camera lol

After that, I felt exhausted so I walked into a dessert shop and ordered a bowl of ground black sesame and it was good. Anyway my friends did not like it.

It looked kinda muddy but the taste was just nice.

There was still some time before they reached the meet-up point so I walked to the Avenue of Star to enjoy the night view and the music show around the Tsim Sha Shui bay.

The Bruce Lee statue at Avenue of Star.

The light of the building was flashing according to the rhythms of the music :)

Then we met up at Fortress Hill and checked in to our room. To my utter suprise, the room was comfy and nicely designed. The rate they charged was considerably cheap in such a high maintence city like Hong Kong. It was only 109 HKD per night per head. The staffs were friendly and helpful as well. If you are interested kindly click here.

guan posing at the MTR sign.

The aisle.

The room with 2 air conditioners and a fan. 

We then went out for supper and it was a very satisfying meal. We had wantan mee and there were 4 prawns in one wantan and there were 3 wantans in every bowl of noodle!

$12 for an ordinary wantan mee. $16 for double dishes.

3 wantans x 4 prawns = cloud 9 :)

The dissected wantan. The prawns were so fresh that biting it would make the 'tzak-tzak' sound

We then went back to the guest house to rest and get ready for the second day.

I know this one is a little bit boring but more exciting posts are coming. I plan to update everything on a 3 day basis while my memory is still fresh so stay logged in! :)

Peace out~


[I Live For This] said...

fuyoh, globe trekker huh~

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

So nice tat u got urself a trip to Hong Kong! Sem break started d? Haha.. i know tat actress but dunno the actor. Lol!

Enjoy urself and had a great trip. More photos! =D

Kenneath said...

omg... just day1 ur room is alr so messy... hahaha...

so nice the wantan mee!!

BennyLong said...

Thank for the wish lol, now oni get to sit down blog and reply u... same to u, enjoy your trip.
Btw the actor is chan kin fung, hehe

:) said...

adventurer u !:)

=chuan guan= said...

u where got get zero fare wo..huh huh?
trying to forget our generosity of some donation for u to travel? :P
samo alone abandon us jalan so many streets wo

=chuan guan= said...

btw...not pearl of orient d laaaaaa...dun so outdate la

Niel said...

You just go without any planning?

:) said...

chan kin fung really looks handsome

calvin said...

Aiyo, you stand there while people are shotting drama.
Chor teng only.
(Have to use Cantonese since this is about HK haha!)

shawn kL said...

can i copy your post and post in my blog? LOL

kae vin said...

I live for this:

apa la~ lol

yew soon:

no sem break. No class at all :P haha thanks and you betcha!


lol. traveling is like that one ma.

and yeah it was really nice!


no worries mate. yeah thanks. :) and now I know the actors' names XD


u adventurer

=chuan guan=:

so many dissatisfaction. next time don go traveling with me lo :P

no people object. only u. ==


What do you reckon? XD


Yes he is.


i'll sell it to u at RM5000 per post. How bout that? XD

anson said...

i know both the actor and actress, but not their name... lol...
btw, i hate their image in that shooting...

i think the design for yesinn is just nice for our little amos... haha...

and yes, the wantan is so tempting...

kae vin said...

oh lol~

you know what drama is it?? really a true blue TVB fan~

what does yesinn have to do with Amos?? ==

argh I miss the wantan!!

anson said...

i dunno the drama lah...