Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ocean Park

Things move faster in Hong Kong.

The people walk fast, the MTR comes every 3 minutes, the taxi drives fast, even the elevator moves so fast that a few times I lost my balance reaching the end. Everything goes on a quicker tempo.

We woke up 7am in the morning. 

Took the MTR to the Wan Zhai station and hunted for the famous 'polo-bun' and teh-ais.

and you gotta trust me, the polobun tasted so delicious that we went back for it. The upper layer was crispy and the bottom layer was tender and chewy. Biting it together with the butter in the middle was a blast! I fell in love immediately with it. It is a must-try if you are a sweet tooth XD

See the queue and you know I am not exaggerating. It was only 8 in the morning :)

and let me share the ABC of dining in a Hong Kong kopitiam.

1. You walk in and look for vacant seat.
2. You can take any seat as long as it is empty. If there's someone else on the table, there's no need for you to ask for the permission.
3. You order quick or the waiter will come back after some time.
4. You know what you are eating and you don't ask the waiter anything.
5. The waiter gives you the bill and you pay on your way out.

After the fulfilling breakfast, we headed to the ocean park.

At the entrance.

Not gonna blog much about the rides. Most of them were similar to Genting Theme Park. Anyway, from this photo I guess you can observe who is faint-hearted :P

Saw the cute panda AnAn. It was kept in a temperature controlled room with glasses. and this panda was one year older than me. XD

and we went for the Dolphin Show. It was good. I loved the show a lot as I am a dolphin lover. The other guys found it just so-so. So my suggestion to those who are going to Hong Kong: If you don't really like this kind of show, then don't go to Ocean Park.

Sneak peek of the Ocean Theatre.

Anyway the shaky cable car was quite an experience. It was quite tall and we were able to see the panaromic sea view of the southern part of Hong Kong island. Quite scary too.

View from the cable car.

View from the Spinning Tower. See the rides?

The ugly shark in the aquarium in the ocean park.We got out from the Ocean Park at around 3pm.

We headed to Central with an empty stomach to taste the best Roast Goose in Hong Kong, Yung Kei.

Yung Kei has established its business 60 years ago. From a roadside hawker stall, it made its way to be a luxurious 5 star award winning restaurant today. Of course we paid the 5 star price too. 

Half Roast Goose. HKD210

Hokkien Fried Rice (Why the hell go Hong Kong eat HOKKIEN fried rice? Don't ask me. The manager recommended it. HKD150) The squid. Spring roll and Siew Mai. (HKD28 per plate) 

It burnt a hole in our pocket but it was worth a try.  Anyway I wouldn't recommend it if you are on a tight budget like us. XD

See she really liked it. :)

Then we moved on to take the tram to the hilltop to have a Hong Kong night view. On the way we passed by a dessert shop and bought some egg tarts to savour on top of the mountain. Sounded like a perfect idea huh?

Indeed it was a fantastic idea. I loved the egg tarts!

Gonna update the hilltop stuffs in the next post. Lotsa scenic photos up there :) Anyway we saw this bin on a barrier along the roadside. I mossaic-ed the middle wordings and drawings.

Give it a wild guess. What do you think it is meant to contain? :)


Alfred Toh said...

Nice trip!
Seems like the trip is well organized, went to eat all the nice food.
Feel hungry when saw the polo bun and eat tart.

Let me guess, inside the bin contain the mask since H1N1 is spreading right now.

=chuan guan= said...

so fast 2nd post? so kiasu r..haha

=chuan guan= said...

Sneak peep of the Ocean Theatre.

do u mean sneak peek?

wei N said...

good job kae vin..u leaded da trip v well!

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

ur post n cg's post.. 60-70% similarity! Haha! Especially what to expect in the Hong Kong's kopitiam.. =P

PrincessX said...

come to Singapore 1 year from now, you'll see me doing the show...hehe!

kae vin said...

Alfred Toh:

thanks XD

not really la. Just follow the tour book :p

and nope. Your answer is wrong. :P

=chuan guan=:

3rd post coming :P

why so fond about my spelling mistake =.= Correct your own first la.

wei N:

thanks. You guys did an amazing job by walking around with me also. XD Not everyone can stand that kind of nonstop trekking :p

yew soon:

You be the judge! Who stole whose idea. You know la. :P

Princess X:

Really??? Then I shall go when you can swim with the dolphin. Perhaps I got the chance to play around too! :P

kae vin said...

and no one bothers to guess what the bin is meant to contain? Come on, start using ur brain la~

calvin said...

Haha, everyone has gotten bored with your quizes ma xD

I guess isit for name cards?
I had a wilder guess, but I shall keep it to myself I guess =P

calvin said...

Oh yea, nobody guessed because you didn't promise any prize or treat haha!

anson said...

the dolphin show is too long la... sien...we don't need to go liao lo.. u already showed us everything...

i will try roast goose if i am in HK, but won't be in that 5 star restaurant bcoz of that 5 star prize!!!
didn't you guys fight for the last piece?? :p

kae vin said...

lol~ I already try to cut it short.

and no, we were so fake that everyone stared at the last piece and end up no people picking it up.

So I got no choice la, cannot waste food ma. XD

anson said...

i know...