Sunday, November 08, 2009

Next Stop

Ope fora intel lar

It's the anagram of my next destination. Give it a guess :)

No duck egg ckt for getting it right though :P


[I Live For This] said...

wa... guess right got present anot?
so hard to guess wo...

is it hong kong? hmm...

kae vin said...

lol ok la. the first one to get it right got present la.

u know wat is anagram? :P

chiaohan said...


[I Live For This] said...


as long i got it right
dono wat it means leh...
according to wiki -- wordplay.

:) said...

operation for an operatic journey?
or since u interned there...operation getting intel?

calvin said...

Waiting for my postcard from that next destination xD

Do some live short updates from there lah wei!

anson said...

tomorrow got zero fare tickets again...
so what's next? :p

~Live Life~ said...

Pearl of Oriental...Are u referring to Penang? haha...

This is kinda tough and i'm half an hour away from my final exam...

kae vin said...

I Live for This:

hahah. wrong :P

although Hong Kong is the place I refer to, it's not the answer :p

a solution for an anagram is that all the alphabets it contains has to come from the question itself.

let say

Ukaal Umplur

the answer is Kuala Lumpur and all the alphabets in the answer has to be in the question.

now u got it? :P



:) :

hahah. no :P


no time to do updates la.

u slowly wait la :P


lol I am so broke ady.

anyway if got next i'll go taiwan :P

~Live Life~:

So smart! u got the answer right!

there're 2 solutions for the answer, first would be Oriental Pearl and the second would be Pearl of Orient

But confusingly, I thought these 2 refers to Hong Kong? Coz in chinese we call Hong Kong 东方之珠 whereas Penang 东方花园?

Correct me if I ma wrong :P

Anyway you are entitled for a gift from Hong Kong. So remind me to bring it when we are meeting up k?

ps: see reading my blog somemore can get present. fast fast read everyday la. XD

calvin said...

Woah, someone is tying to bribe people lol!

anson said...

sounds very commercial here... :(

kae vin said...


where got :(


lol~! not really la