Sunday, November 29, 2009


Congratulations to my dearest cousin for getting such an awesome husband and I sincerely hope that both of you live happily ever after :)

and I notice some fun facts of Penangites (me myself included lol) during the wedding dinner.

The fish was served as the 7th meal out of the ten-course meal and everyone reached out their chopsticks for it.

After putting the piece of fish into the mouth, I frowned and I looked around. Everyone frowned too. Some took a sip of the beer and some forced it down the throat.

Then everyone started to whisper.

"Eh, the fish not fresh la."

"Ya la. Taste like the fish from longkang la."

and no one really wanted to eat it but due to the principle of not wasting food, we all did our part by finishing the fish and then we started complaining again. XD

As a matter of fact, the fish was like 10 times fresher than most of the fish you get in KL.

But I never heard people complaining about totally-unfresh-fish when I am in KL.

At the end of the day, I would get weird stares if I said something like 

"Eh don't you feel this fish is a bit, erm, not so fresh"

So the next time you wanna know if somebody is a Penangite, just feed him with a not-so-fresh fish and see what does he have to say about it. XD

On the other hand, just to act a bit melancholy, 2009 is soon to come to an end and it forces me to think about my future everyday.

People are showering me with questions like when do you graduate and where will you work and stuffs like that.

Just when I thought I have got more freedom by growing, the contrary is happening in fact. I am certainly more mobilized but the responsibility and duty that I am getting is certainly pulling me back.

argh I guess that's the price of growing up huh?

Anyway, I am gonna get myself abroad in 2 days time, again lol.

Don't wanna let you guys know my whereabout. :P

ps-> please stick the blog and I'll try to do some live update~ ;)


=chuan guan= said...

waiting for ur china cheap stuff ya..muahaha

calvin said...

Too bad CG spoilt the party already xD

Ehh, that is what we called "kiasu" (referring to the gelojoh-ness of sticking out the chopsticks so fast)

Eng Song Keat said...

Lol. Really agree that we penangist are really very picky when we come to foods.

At sg the yao zha kuai here got one horrible smell. It's smell like you left the yao zha kuai out there 3 days and Then you didn't eat it. That's the smell.

Here even fresh one also have those smell because of the oil thy used was too old d. Yuck. I feeling going to throwout when I walk pass those stall but yet here ppl still eat like nobody business. Haha.

Their standard of food and taste is far lower than ours.

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

Tat's why I dun bring u guys for seafood when u guys visit me in Kch tat time. =P Penangites had high requirements for seafood. Haha.. just kidding!

Enjoy ur trip alright? Take care, buddy.

~Live Life~ said...

Can't agree with you more about the price of growing up...btw...when are u graduating again? muahaha XD

I could clearly see how life really changes upon stepping into the working world from my previous batchmates' experiences...

I still have one semester of student life...and I believe a lot of us are almost in the same shoes as I cherish these times... =) and go travel as much as KV does...haha...

~Live Life~ said...

And...btw...congrats to your cousin!

† Thomas † said...

Enjoy your trip bro~!
you're destined for greatness and i believe there is more to come from you my fren..

kae vin said...

chuan guan:

spoil the fun like that...don wanna buy for u ady.


evil guan.

Did i say the word 'fast' or 'quick' or any synonyms in my sentence? =.=

the fish comes, and everyone sits there to act courteous and modest a? ==

Song Keat:

yeah. we can know it from the way you complaint the yau char kuey. XD

By the way, I thought Singaporeans are health-conscious/

yew soon:

lol that's an EXCUSE XD

Yeah I will~ :)

~Live Life~:

thanks :)

we all gotta be prepared for that.

and what la. Go travel as much as I do? ==


Thanks! :)

and you talk like erm....the wise guys in those Hollywood movies of ancient background. XD

~Live Life~ said...

That's a compliment KV! it takes guts drives to go travel as passionately as you does...

when coming back to pg?

kae vin said...

haha. Thanks for your compliment.

and I'll be back in Penang maybe next year.

In Malaysia now but I'll stay in KL first.