Thursday, November 26, 2009


So many things had happened since the trip back from Hong Kong. 

and to be frank, I lost the patience to blog about Hong Kong especially when there're some other bloggable materials on hands. :P and I am definitely not a long-winded person.

So basically this blog post is a summary of what I have done for the last week.

First off, splashing in Sunway Lagoon!

Never-ending fun~

Okay, I gotta be honest with you. This was the FIRST time in my life in 22 years to step into Sunway Lagoon. I hope that's not very embarassing. :P

and after that we went for the Yuen steamboat buffet in Sunway with its superb yummilicious roasted chicken wings!!! (SO delicious I forgot to take photo :P)

Emerge Conference in Sunway Convention Centre by City Harvest Church.

Yeah Evan was taking part in the cheerleading performance and how could I not support him when he got bruises and wounds all over his body just to give his best performance?

This is the video that I took. Apparently the seat I had was not good enough. Browse for more in youtube. :)

and I was on duty for UTAR trekathon in Lake Garden. hehe, no choice, the askar boss asked me to. For your info, I was plannning to go for the one month Askar Wataniah recruitment next year May if nothing goes in the way.

and I abandoned my Final Year Project to be the mentor in this Project SNJ. (and I didn't feel bad. LOL) 

Basically it is a 3 week course for all the form 3 students from churches all over the country who had just done with their PMR organized by Emmaus Bible School. Due to my own schedule constraint, I was only there for 3 days but it was rewarding enough.

The professional pianist (Guess who, KY? :P) and the not so professional guitarist. :P

We played and yelled.

Honestly speaking, I love working with teenagers. Underneath the rebellious surface of them, there are always this longing for acceptance and understanding.

By sharing my very own life experience (although not much) with them, trust is earned and thus they are willing to talk and to share their very own problems. A lot of teenagers are not happy with themselves, they can't fit in the gang and somehow feel rejected. I might not be able to be much help in every situation but I can be a good listener.

and there's one thing I find rewarding about working together with teenagers --- It's the genuine smile on their face when a bond is formed :)

So much for one week huh? :)


:) said...

great post , do u have a flickr account ? love to see those sunway lagoon pics much bigger , thanx

Niel said...

That's quite packed, esp with SNJ. Wanted to go there but no invitation. ><

Alfred Toh said...

Wow, you have a great week!

Sunway is nice!
First time I step in is last day in 20 years old. Still consider quite late huh? lol

kae vin said...


I had a flickr account but I am not using it. I am a fan of photobucket.

and no, for my own safety's sake I am not uploading the bigger version of the Sunway photo.


Yeah. SNJ exhausted me like nobody's business XD

but it was definitely worth it.

and I offered myself. No invitation for me also. The work of the holy spirit I would say


Alfred Toh:

Yeah indeed! :)

LOL the difference is you are from Kepong and I am from Penang!

Kepong to Sunway is like, only 30km away? XD

Sherril 雪乐 said...

hey there! haha been some time since i dropped by lately seldom read blogs =)

anyway, you certainly had a wonderful week huh? *envy* haha kesian your FYP, so how is it going on?

As a 22-year old adult, haha how do you find Sunway Lagoon? Fun??? and how many chicken wings did you manage to eat in Yuen??

1 month askar wataniah recruitment? what do u do in 1 month??

and no worries, you look quite pro in the guitar pic =)

hope to read more interesting posts!! haha I've always enjoyed reading your blog. Take care!

kae vin said...


Oh I miss your long-lost comment~ :)

erm, to be honest, I feel no difference the way I felt when I was a kid.

Does that mean that I never grow up? XD

and I think I ate more that 3 chicken wings that day. Together with other food la of course.

The progress of my FYP is actually not bad. I made some breakthrough :)

and the askar one month recruitment, is for me to be the soldier for one month. After that one month I will be in the reserved army of Malaysia. Cool huh~?

and thanks for your compliment!

no worries I'll try to post interesting things~ :)

kykhor said...

everyone - ailean peiwen jiazheng is talking bout 1 kid who r classical music genius there. i saw him but havent experience his geniusity, and his name yet.

But i bet the pro pianist photo there refer to jia xuan lar. Lol

kae vin said...

His name is Wen Hao and yes he is a classical piano genius. 15 and got his grade 8 and going to get his diploma. But he said he can't play accompaniment.

But when he strikes on the piano, trust me, you'll be blown a thousand miles away!

That's why I am saying this year SNJ is full of cool kids~!

calvin said...

"and I am definitely not a long-winded person."

You aren't referring to me, are you?

kae vin said...


why you so sensitive?? lol

but in some blogging sense, yes~ XD

(if you were me, I am damn sure you will make this post into 4 separate ones. Right? XD)

calvin said...

Yeala, old liao mah >.<
No choice but to be long-winded la.

kae vin said...

ok la. Maybe you are not long-winded, but just a detail-oriented person?

I mean, like a girl? XD

calvin said...

Girls (and old aunties of course) are long-winded, but definitely not detailed. Detailed person should be reserved for guys :)

jijitankyy said...

Bloggable..Learn a new word from you.
My company gonna held team building at Sunway..but no one agree..haha.

kae vin said...


lol. I am very sure in general most girls are more detailed than guys. (like which guy on earth would care if the colour of the shirt match with the shoes and the pant and the underwear (and the bra, if any)? XD


XD It's my honour~ :)

and team building in Sunway? Sounds like fun to me. Perhaps everyone in your company is older than 22? XD

calvin said...

The problem is, girls tend to be detailed at the wrong time and situation =.=

kae vin said...

Any girl wanna prove him wrong? XD

Kyflein said...

eh, 'not so professional guitarist', i miss ur class leh :P

congrats on concurring Sunway Lagoon!

kae vin said...


Oh my favourite guitar student! :P

I guess you become the not-so-professional guitar student now~ XD

and Sunway Lagoon hasn't much thing for me to conquer XD