Thursday, October 01, 2009

Perth Royal Show

When I booked my ticket about 1 year ago. I never thought that it coincided with the annual happening Perth Royal Show.

The food was expensive there so we made our own sandwiches. Inside got ham, bacon, fried egg, cheese, tomotoes and butter. yumyum... 

After our lunch time, we started our journey.

Welcome to the Royal Show!

Do you feel the atmosphere? By the way, show bags are bags full of goodies and they sold it $10-$20 depending on what's inside. 

Guess what are these? hehe. (hints: Genuine and Authentic Australia Souvenirs!)

I saw Jimmy Choo's! But it was a cake lol!

The very Australian animal. Albaca, emu, sheep and wombat

The emu's eggs are in green.

I met the spider boy in Perth. He was grinning from ear to ear.

Meet the host: Joe and his girl fren, Jo :)

Her comes the story of the day. There was a promotion for 2 bottle of 1 liter milk for $2. We asked for the 2 bottles but this b*tchy aussie girl who was making yogurt's samples there replied:

"Sorry we are serving yogurt and we don't sell the milk at this moment"

What the.

Luckily a friendly Aussie auntie came and took us 2 bottles of milk.

My dinner with my name on it :)

and it was so cold that apparently someone has gotten some brainfreeze lol~

Gay spiderman lol

and there was this awesome fireworks which lasted for about 10 minutes. Took a video. Gonna upload it soon.

Ended with a group photo. :)


Kyflein said...

it doesn't look freezy though...

and erhmmm... souvenir ya!! XD

Anonymous said...

why is the spidey gay? XD

kae vin said...


yeah. lol. See how


You think? ;)